the truth about Halo Wars 2

Many fans have written about how we will never see a Halo Wars 2. The problem I see with those comments is 90% of the reasoning is because its developer went under.

It was only a few weeks before Halo Wars was released when it was announced that its developer Ensemble Studios shut down. In between 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the launch of Halo Wars Ensemble Studios put out a message that all updating and if successful a sequel would be done by Robot Entertainment.

Then 343 took over Halo Wars.

Here is a post by a Robot Guy “Robot is not working with 343. We were supporting Halo Wars for about a year after launch of the game, but then 343 took management of the game and forums in-house. We’ve not worked on anything Halo Wars-related since then. No plans have been announced byt 343 for a sequel to Halo Wars, and we are not currently working on one.__________________Community Manager
Robot Entertainment”

Anyone have any new info?

anyone have any other information because unless something changed after that statement was made Halo Wars was successful so we should expect a announcement in the future about Halo Wars 2.

Did you do any research other then listen to the ROBOT guy? The critical reason there isn’t going to be HW2 is that as stated, ES is gone, and they don’t trust any in house developers with their baby Halo, and the remains of ES, RE, is now independent.