The Truth About Halo 2 Vista & Revival

For those who don’t know Halo 2 Vista was the last game to have a good PC port in the Halo franchise. Since release, using the mapping tools and various mods we have managed to keep H2V alive but there were flaws. For one, the physics engine over-calculated. Sure that had to happen due to the 60 fps capabilities at the time required a faster physics engine to prevent accidental clipping. This, however, made vehicles and weapons go everywhere; it was quite funny to watch. For two, well, I don’t have any complaints to be honest, it was almost perfect.

And now, for the main bulk of this post

I’m sure a lot of people wanted to play this online again after it was shut down. Well good news! The relatively young mod, Project Cartographer, has “revived” Halo 2 Vista, so to speak. The mod does not require a key so if you have the ISO file you can play the multiplayer. However the mod does make the campaign quite broken. It’s still playable but it’s not great in some ways. This post will not include the ISO so either buy it or find it yourself you lazy -Yoink-. You will also have to download the Project Cartographer launcher, just look up “project cartographer download” and you can find it. Should be the first result.

All of the online games will be under “network” as opposed to “LIVE.”

If you want more information or any help join the discord server