The true king & planting a flag achievement

Hey guys so I’m trying to finish up the rest of my achievements on multiplayer but I find it so hard to get a game of KOTH or CTF because nobody picks them. Any recommendations ?

My only suggestion is to find a party of 8 in the BTB playlist who’s willing to play KoTH and CTF so you guys can control which game gets played in the voting screen.

Not ethical IMO, but it looks like it’s the only way to higher your chances of getting KoTH & CTF. Here’s hoping the system pops up any game with those two aforementioned gamemodes.

If you play a lot of BTB you’ll definitely get the planting the flag achievement but Koth you can rarely get a game.

I got this while grinding out my domination medals in the Halo 4 playlist. KOTH comes up in that playlist fairly often, and gets picked.

Head over to TrueAchievements and make or join a session. That way your entire group will be going for the same thing.

So, since this topic is relevant again. Does anyone know which playlist currently has the most KOTH game modes in it? Now would be a good time to go for this one with the game fixed and the population back up.

Use the King of the Hill and Halo 4 (most hill medals you can get for sure) selection for 4v4 in the Match Composer. Friend and I shot up from 30% completed to 100% within 3 hours.

For CTF, I’m trying to find the best means to get it. Looking at H2A and Halo 4 due to the amount of different flag medals you can earn.

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