The Tribe Achievement

Anyone else having problems getting The Tribe achievement to pop? I’ve gone through the Banished leaders 3 times each, making sure each unit gets created under each leader and so far nothing. Given the low conversion rate of this one (6.something percent) I was hoping someone else had figured out a solution to this one.

Don’t forget that this is only for the launch readers and you also have to create the units from the war council.
Only one scarab, but one of each special leader unit.

I got it forever ago…

Make sure you’re training the Leader Unit, Scarab, I don’t think Decimus Drop counts, but try it anyway.

Thanks guys…tried all that again last night. I did try Decimus Drop just to be sure but nothing. Based on the percentage it says I’m missing 1. Thinking it’s glitched locally on my end.

Just to put a bow on this…I installed the game on windows 10 laptop and played the three banished leaders in 3 skirmish matches and the achievement popped. So it definitely was my xbox file…