The Toxic Wolves now Recruiting

Greetings Spartans,

We at the Toxic Wolves are now recruiting both Casual and Competetive players. We are a military ranked clan but have many chances to move through the ranks. We do have a few restrictions:

  • You must be active - You must have a mic - You must be 15 years of age or older - You must be willing to create a kik account (If you dont have a phone We’ll figure something out) - You must rank in 2 of any arena match types (Rank doesn’t matter)Once you have been initiated you will be placed into a sqaud of 4. Your sqaud will vote amongst themselves for sqaud names and sqaud leaders. We have members on at all times of the day, so feel free to message any member with questions and concerns. My GT is the same as this one. Keep the fight going Spartans.

Shadow WolfieII
Co-leader of Sqaud Delta
Colonel of The Toxic Wolves

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