The time ran out

Why when i join in a matchmaking in halo 5, just before the match begin, the gane tell me that was imposible to join in, the time ran out

Can you post a video?


Let me check how i can do this

Is the issue still happening? Does it happen every time, or are you able to join some matches? Try a hard reset on your xbox, if the issue is still happening.

I have the same issue, i can’t play online , just like 1 in 10 searches i can enter in a game . The real problem is when searching for dedicated servers on the step 4 it kicks me out of the search and pop up the error. I tried everything i can do:

  • Change wireless to wired - Open ports - DMZ - Power cycle - Open NAT - DNS servers - Reinstall - Wait all the updates since launch - Wait more to see if 343 can do something about this - Tired of waitThis is really annoying and I can’t see a thread which someone with this solved the problem
    Screenshot - 9d5532a59f42f5806e78d03b1621c349 - Gyazo (error picture “Unable to join, Request to join has timed out”)