The ticketing system makes me not want to leave feedback

Don’t know if this is really helpful or not, but I just wanted to say that the way submitting tickets works is a huge turnoff for me.
I wanna leave feedback about a season 2 issue i’m having -but based on my experiences with season 1 tickets- I really don’t have much motivation to do so. Every time I wanna submit a ticket I google something like ‘halo how to submit a ticket’ on the first result landing page it’s not immediately obvious where to click. After i find the small hyperlink it sometimes takes me to the ticket page, sometimes not. Having to get my DxDiag every single time is also a little annoying because I usually have to google how to do that every time (I know it’s not hard, but just annoying) - (i know I can also just keep it from previous tickets but I clean my desktop alot so…)
After leaving feedback which is all good and fine, eventually the agent responds to my ticket usually saying theres not fix for now (which is fine and expected). The problem is the email doesn’t always make it obvious which ticket they’re responding to. This is an issue because, every time Infinite has a minor update they send a (seemingly automated) response “there’s an update but it doesn’t fix ur issue but are you still experiencing it?” type email - again, it’s not obvious which ticket they’re responding to, and the automated part sometimes makes it really feel like my ticket isn’t being taken seriously - For example - I sent a ticket for a missing texture I found in the campaign map. and got the automated message. If the update doesn’t fix it, it’s not gonna be fixed. No reason to ask me if the texture is still missing. Eventually they just close my tickets if I stop responding, which I do out of apathy now.

I would suggest 1) making the ticket submit landing page have a much larger obvious button, 2) making emails with agents have the specific ticket titles/comments quoted, 3) and having the option to use the existing DxDiag on file with a notice saying to make sure no changes have been made since the last ticket. If that were the case I would feel way better about jumping on to real quickly submit problems I find. Instead, I dread having to go through the process every time.

I fully acknowledge that these complaints are uptight/high maintenance, and that there may be no realistic changes that can be made with the high volume of tickets they get, but I just wanted to explain at least once somewhere why I have no motivation to do it anymore.


the reason its so difficult for you to find where to start a new ticket is because you’re supposed to read the known issues list prior to filing a bug ticket. if it’s already in the list, don’t file a new one.

as for the automated responses - if they gave a personal reply to every ticket that every person filed, they wouldn’t have time to even triage the ticket. you can always sign back into the support site and navigate to “my activity” using the icon at the top right to see the progress on your existing tickets.