The Thursday 13 Customs and Testing Lobby

Hey there Waypoint! Since June, I have been running a dedicated weekly customs and testing lobby through the Forgehub forums called The Thursday 13. One of the hardest things about forging is finding a reliable and viable way to test maps and I created my lobby to help address that issue. Not only is it a reliable way to get things played, it is a good source of helpful, community driven feedback. After offering the lobby service to Forgehub members for such a long time, I figured it would be good to branch out even further and what better place than Waypoint?

How does the lobby work? Every Thursday we play up to 13 maps. There is no restriction on what we play, so it can be anything from a BTB Heavies map, a minigame, a 4v4 or even a 1v1 or anything else! If a player would like to secure a spot in the map roster, they simply submit the map to the official thread with the proper information and it is added to the map order for the night. If there is still open slots in the roster, I will allow maps to be added on impromptu at the end. If a map is being played to be tested, we provide feedback after the match for the author. The lobby is streamed via Twitch, so verbal feedback is recorded there and written feedback is taken down on the map list archive that can be accessed at anytime by anyone.

When is the lobby? Every Thursday, starting at 7pm CST. The lobby on average runs for 2-3 hours. Invites go out around 6:45pm.

Contact info?
GT: Ascend Hyperion
Twitch: Ascend_Hyperion
Xbox Club: The Thursday 13 Customs Lobby
Forgehub Thread:

How do I submit a map? Well there are two ways. Either visit the official Forgehub thread and submit there, or do so here with following format:
Map Name and Download Link
Requested Gametype and Player Count
Short description

You don’t have to be a Forger to get involved or even a dedicated tester. All players are welcome and I’m always happy to meet new people. The goal is build a community, so don’t be shy! The link provided has all the extra official info, but feel free to drop questions and comments below.