The thruster pack ruins flood mode

With the addition of the thruster pack into flood mode/infection, the mode has just become stupid. It has become a mode with no highs and lows, no difference between being a flood or a human. Any time you’re trying to kill the flood with the pistol ( which sadly doesnt even kill in one headshot anmore), they just boost next to you and lag you to death before you even know whats happening. Especially when the flood start overpowering the humans there is absolutely no chance of survival. You have ruined the gametype by making it too fair. Bring back the old infection where as a human you could actually rape -Yoink-, and as an infected you would actually need to use sneaky tactics and witty jumping to get the humans killed. Now its basically just a matter of who has a better connection, and even then every time you die as a human you feel like you were ripped off.


  1. take away the thruster pack, it makes the flood too powerful and thus ruins the whole point of the gametype.
  2. make the pistol a one shot kill to the head again

Probably the most popular plalist in the history of halo has reduced into a sorry shadow of what it used to be. Please, take the gametype back to what it once was. I miss the times when the survivors could actually dominate, and the flood had to be the ones using teamwork to get the job done. It used to be so rewarding to play on either side, now it’s just stale because you just know you’re not going to be getting more than 5 kills a round.

Please, make some sort of change to this playlist. At least add the classic infection as a voting option on the playlist if nothing else.
Thank you

Most popular playlist in the History of Halo is in fact Team Slayer.

Should add a poll, i completely agree. Back in H2 my fav gametype for customs was zombies and was excited to see it to be an actual gametype in 3 etc and this new H4 version is just…ugh unbearable to play, they completely butchered it.

Remove flood shields - problem solved. The flood are known for their jumping abilities, and the thruster pack allows for some flood-like leaps.

So you want EZ mode? Go play halo reach. This is FLOOD not infection. Flood is extreemly agile and the abilities chosen were to make a person be more flood like. If you want to farm kills and get EZ headshots then play reach. I play quite well in flood mode human or zombie. Sorry that your butt hurt -Yoink- has to actually try now.

Yeah, I agree, it’s too easy being the flood, I would go so far as to say they’re overpowered. I loved Living Dead in Reach, and I like Flood too, but it’s not as fun as LD used to be, I sometimes go back just to play that one playlist XD
Remove shields and thruster packs, give them sprint with alpha flood unlimited sprint, and a higher jump height

The thing that made it so fun was that everyone grouped together in corners and just kicked the zombie’s butts while the humans slowly got infected
When it’s just 2-3 people left that gets really fun and funny when you have hoards of zombies sweeping in at once
Yeah, ok the old zombies were underpowered to a degree, but they were faster and you had to be sneaky :wink:

There are two alternatives to fix this.

  1. Keep thruster pack only in the alpha zombies.
  2. Remove shields from all flood forms and buff slightly damage resistance so zombies dont die easily from shotties.

If either is implented increase round survival time by 1:00 min.

The point is to have fun, and flood mode definitely does not do that for me. Thruster pack = -Yoink- deaths + 30 second rounds. If that’s your idea of a fun game, have at it. The whole idea of the infected working together to gather a big enough team to ultimately overrun the humans is basically gone in the new flood mode. The zombies have it too easy these days.

I think the pistol nerf is genius.
You want to instantly die from far away in infection a bunch of times? Go play Reach.

yeah flood mode sucks now. i wish the zombies just had sprint. also i think the flood should have really light shields so it’s more like a 2 or 3 shot kill with the pistol (not sure what it is now but it seems like around 4 or 5) because sniping with pistols in reach was kinda stupid, it made it impossible to approach the humans in many maps and it’s why they started making the absolutely ridiculous infections maps with boxes and s**t everywhere.

I actually rather disagree that it is fair. Halo: Reach had it rather fair, because even though survivors may have got bucket loads of kill (depending on the player), they rarely ever “survived” as the zombie’s numbers just got to overwhelming. Now, ONE flood can take out an entire group of survivors. It’s sad that I got a triple kill in a group of four survivors, and it wasn’t there lack of skill. It’s that one pump of a shotgun didn’t kill me. You have to be almost point blank for one shell to drop a Flood, and they can lunge from almost 5 meters (they can lunge and kill you long before you can actually one-shot them, and even if you wait, it goes back to the connection thing, you’ll likely both die.) It is completely ridiculous that it takes about a clip’s worth of headshots to drop one as well. A bullet to the head was rather fair.

At the same time, the thrust is almost too ridiculous, but I see why it is there also, and if the damage resistance of the Flood were lowered, I think leaving the thrust where it is would be just fine and balanced. Flood simply shouldn’t have shields. Bump up the DR just slightly and remove their shields, just like every other Halo game did. Let us not have to commit suicide to kill a flood and let’s make it to wear one Flood can’t take out the ENTIRE survivor team because s/he simply soaks up the bullets.

> So you want EZ mode? Go play halo reach. This is FLOOD not infection. Flood is extreemly agile and the abilities chosen were to make a person be more flood like. If you want to farm kills and get EZ headshots then play reach. I play quite well in flood mode human or zombie. Sorry that your butt hurt -Yoink!- has to actually try now.

Where there is feedback, there is always a Fanboy waiting to tell you how much of a -Yoink!- you are for criticizing the game. Flood IS Infection, denying that is just silly. However, it’s also a re-imagining of it. And because it is new in design (though not concept), it needs both positive AND NEGATIVE (caps for emphasis) for it to develop and prosper.

Nothing will come out perfect the first try, and Flood mode hasn’t. The game is simply tilted in the Flood’s favor, and I say that from both a Flood and Survivor perspective. It needs to be balanced. If you’re going to jump to the defense of no-one-knows-who for a reason unknown every time someone provides constructive criticism, then really, you’re the one doing the harm. I have a hobby of making gametypes and always have since Halo 3 and I appreciate both praise and criticism as it helps me make my gametypes more fun for the people (including me) who play them. 343 Industries feels the same way. So don’t go raging about how someone lacks skill because they pointed out a blotch in the paintwork.

Removing shields and the thruster pack would create the same “I’m a zombie so I’m better off quitting or hiding” mentality, especially with the openness of some zombie maps and the lack of bloom on the magnum.

My suggestion - remove shields and thruster pack BUT disable headshots and boost damage resistance slightly.

They can keep the Thruster Pack, but I agree that the shields have to go.

Out with the old, in with the new, I say.

If I want camptastic killfeed -Yoink!- survival I’ll go play reach

Does this thread translate to ‘I can’t camp on the highest spot on the map anymore ;-;’ or is it ‘I can’t handle not beating up on someone with a disadvantage already ;-;’ ???

If you want Infection that meets your demands go put in Reach, otherwise learn to adapt to the new mode and work with your team/friends. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

The most popular playlist in halo history? It was only added in to Halo as a playlist since a few months after Reach’s release. Before then It was a game type in Rumble Pit. Most popular was obviously Team slayer

At least give us “Infection”. Seriously, one of the most popular custom game options and they neutered it.

Keep the thruster pack. Have you tried using it on the edges of adrift? It’s very hard to control. Just stay in a high place with a ramp so they overshoot you. Also, lose the shields,but buff damage resistance.

Well I’d say yes to the removal of the thruster packs, but keep it so that you don’t die from one magnum round to the head.
I play dominion and regicide more anyway.