The thruster needs faster cooltime inbetween thrusts

Would really like to utilize the thruster more but the recharge time feels slow by like a second

Edit: The thruster has limited uses and two quickish thrusts inbetween longer thruster cooldown time would make the thruster more viable in PvP because the thruster is not good at this juncture- I always end up dropping it for the grapple shot, which is not good


Would slow down the sniper rapid fire glitch some.

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Really? I thought it was on par with Halo 5’s thrusters…

This right here is the problem these days. Everyone wanting to just thrust as fast as they possibly can, and finish as quickly as possible.

I think everyone could benefit from taking a little break in between thrusts. You don’t want to bust (the opponent’s shields) too early, ya know? The game is fun, don’t be so quick to finish. Enjoy the ride. If you finish too fast, your opponent won’t have as much fun. They’ll just see you thrusting and busting all over the place, and not get any satisfaction for themselves.

So take your time. Cool your thrusters before busting your opponent’s shields. Heck, maybe even let your opponent bust a few times. It makes the game more fun for everyone!


No. Because no one else has thruster, at the intermediate level and above, it almost always equals a kill in 1v1 fights. And it can be used to escape or attack fleeing enemies. The only reason it would need a buff is if everyone spawned with it (which I am against).

I love the the “you’re playing it wrong you spoiled brat” counter arguments when we’re talking about technical things like reducing cooldown time

Theyre always super relevant to the conversation

Well thankfully theres a limit on how many times you can use the ability before the uses are spent

And if people want to crutch that hard on the thruster then theyll have to choose between blowing through the thrusts, for either defense or attack, or preserving their thruster until the next drop

Two shorter thrusts inbetween longer cooldown time makes it as viable as a grapple shot which literally allows you to drop ontop of your enemy’s heads, grapple weapons, grapple vehicles, and not to mention just outright flee combat

The thrusters are very much lacking in utility as they are now

My take is that all the equipment is useless except the grapple so they might as well remove it.

—> The Joke

—> Your head

I wasn’t making a counter-argument. I was making a sechs joke.

I too, have found myself trying to thrust again before the cooldown period ends. It could be shortened, but I don’t really see it as a problem either way.

My bad bud I misinterpreted your post :sweat_smile:

The cooldown is perfect the way it is. I do NOT want Infinite to turn into H5.2 with everyone being super fast.

The thrust cooldown is the exact same as Halo 5’s.

Agreed. It also has this weird stutter effect if you use it while on the ground that makes it feel kinda rough and jagged. Hope they fix that.

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