The thing about the Mangler nerf, its still one shot

The nerf idea was to honestly stop surprise insta auto-melee kills around a corner without any form of counter. Now, if you use the strat on a full shielded spartan, they will be left at like absolutely .01% health.

That means if they had any form of damage before, a single plasma pistol shot or even a grenade bounce on them, an auto-melee will still “insta-kill” them. It just wont do it when they at full health. We just need to stop using it like we are about the cheese the hell out of them.

True, but it is a very rare instance to find someone with only a scratch on their shields. It’s either full shield or half shields or less, meaning, once again, the AR will be the weapon of choice. The mangler has lost its place as a viable weapon.

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I believe they just want you to stop using the mangler as a solo-spartan weapon look for caught off guard spartans. Where you can use the weapon in the heat of a battle where there will be many damaged enemy players. Kill enemies running it down trying to trade kills with your team.

I’m not sure you get what im trying to say here. I’m saying any spartan with any amount of damage will die to the mangler melee still. Not just 1% damage.

No I get it. I just don’t think that makes the nerfed mangler viable. Keep the better all-around utility weapon (AR) and spend the extra millisecond on the trigger before you go for the beat down.

I guess I see your point. Maybe the problem is the melee-trades. Knowing you prob take damage too and trade kills, maybe the Mangler should you to win melee-trades like the energy sword and grav hammer. The difference is that its not a 100% melee kill

So, sword made the way you unable to kill it’s carrier at the moment of lunge, am I right?
I mean I don’t know how many times I tried to finish one shot sword carrier with a melee predicting his lunge, but he stayed alive I was dead.
Or maybe it’s just lag?

I haven’t bother to use the mangler since the nerf since now the Assault Rifles covers everything the mangler can do, but is significantly easier to do. Not to mention you spawn with it and ammo management is way better.