The Terminal Issue

One of the many things that has always bothered me about Halo 4 is the fact that its terminals were only accessible through the Halo Waypoint app (which, by the way, requires a paid Xbox Live Gold subscription to use.) Using the app on the Xbox 360 from multiple strong internet connections, I’ve determined that every video on the app can no longer be viewed and, instead, will attempt to load before displaying an error message.

The same thing was done with the Spartan Ops series, and while there’s a chance that both are on the Halo Channel app, last time I checked (about a week ago) it seemed to be dying too with its input delays etc…

This is why I hate digital content as it can be erased at the drop of a hat.

Yup same thing with multi player modes. That’s why I get a game based on the single player campaign.