The term "tryhard' is a useless insult

I keep hearing it via messaging or in game chat. I play Halo 5’s social fiesta or social CTF and I’m dominating in some games, others not as much. So with that being said, why do people try to insult me by calling me a “sweaty tryhard”? What’s even more confusing is that when I ask them what’s wrong with being a tryhard, they never seem to answer my question.

My guess is that they’re trying to play a game and win, but when someone interrupts their victory and/or smashes them numerous times, they will use a very common term in order to harass me…even though the term itself is a useless insult.

I have to ask the forum community. What’s wrong with me being a “tryhard”? Is it that big of a deal that I like to play competitively? Are people mocking me because I’m better and they want me to hold back so they can win?

I will “try hard” to see your point. My definition of a try hard is what Achilles has spawned- 12 man grind teams/ multi- teaming a single target, claiming it took skill, then tea bagging said target. Or tea bagging period.

These are what make “try hard” an insult imo.

For me a tryhard is just someone taking the game way too seriously. It’s a game bruh. I’ve never been one for competitiveness but I understand that it’s what some people play for. I do get into competitive moods sometimes though.

Obviously don’t let it get to you. Enjoy the game how you want to and turbo-crouch those that’ll differ.

in your case it sounds like they are compensating for getting reqd by you. in my case. the only time i call someone a tryhard is when they keep spawning invis (warzone of course) every time they die, or when teams use tons of vehicles. But I don’t bother to let them know i think that, lol

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> I will “try hard” to see your point. My definition of a try hard is what Achilles has spawned- 12 man grind teams/ multi- teaming a single target, claiming it took skill, then tea bagging said target. Or tea bagging period.
> These are what make “try hard” an insult imo.

Like, in the sense of everyone just gaining up on a Spartan/AI or that they all communicate and expose a target’s position with a subsequent killl?

Because both are viable tactics,

As far as the 12-man grind teams go (I’m assuming you mean in the sense of them all capping to the core and just sitting there) It’s a viable definiton, but it’s also that there’s no substantial benefit to destroying the core until the 10 minute mark, which seems to be the metric for the most awarded REQs.

I dunno, my definition of a tryhard are those who try to make skillfull plays consistently and consistently fail in tandem with some bravado. it’s different when it actually works.

Tryhard is a spawn trap farmer.

If you don’t bend the rules to get ahead, then you are not a tryhard

Usually it’s a person who takes a video game way too seriously. Yeah the whole point is to win and have fun, but unless you’re so tournament player there really is no reason to smash or break your controller over a video game.

How can you take a game too seriously… Give me a good definition on taking a game “too” seriously because all the people who say I take halo 5 too seriously has never gave me a good enough answer. And dont say because its a game. Yeah its a game that is ment to be played on a variety of skill level from casual to comepetitive. And dont say the 12 man spawn camp for achillies thats called noobs that dont have a life and if they took the game seriously they wouldnt do that so like I said what in any point of time is taking a game to seriously

It’s just become a silly buzz phrase. People who use it are just dorks trying hard to look like they’re cool.

Buzz phrase mostly. Not entirely.

Say a group of three people is just having a night of playing Left 4 Dead. They’re all drunk and just talking about random -Yoink- during the game or goofing around in-game. Clearly it’s a casual environment. Then suddenly some guy joins the match, starts trying really hard, talking about strats and glitches for speed running the level and trying to command everyone around, getting irritated at his ‘terrible teammates’. Obviously it’s not the appropriate time and place for him to be doing this, and that’s ultimately what it comes down to. That behavior is perfectly fine and even expected of him in a serious hard-difficulty lobby, but not in this one.

Nine times out of ten though…“We don’t like you because you’re better than us and you’re actually presenting somewhat of a challenge”.

At the end of the day, someone calling you a tryhard is just another way of them saying “You’re better than me.”

I’ve never understood it. They’re probably saltier than McDonalds fries because you destroyed them. People keep saying that someone who takes the game too seriously is a tryhard but if you go out of your way to call someone a tryhard then you obviously take the game too seriously, which by the most common definition on this thread, makes that person a tryhard. Keep wrecking house and ignore the people who send you messages, same as someone calling you a noob because you played a bad game (it’s even funnier when that person has a very negative KDA. Like -5.0 or worse).

I got online to have a fun game or two or three or whatever, then I come across you dashing around and running away from me as soon as I shoot at you, I’m just playing like whatever to have some fun, you’re planning and strategizing and you know weapon respawn times and the whole layout of every map, what angles to approach from and how long your thrusts take to cool down. I’m running around the map just doing my thing, you’re crouched walking around corners waiting for me to slip up.

You eventually get the better of me and kill me then -Yoink!- me, wow what an accomplishment! wow you went 18-1! wow again what an accomplishment! I shrug it off like whatever and keep on playing, but to you “tryhard” this one game of a million meant something more to you, it meant everything! you beat some no one online in a video game! maybe 343 senpai will notice your efforts!

Tryhard you make the game a chore, you’re taking something that should be fun, and making it some super competitive effort with no real reward. Something that means so much to you means next to nothing to me.

this is just my opinion of tryhards.

The funniest time it’s used is when pro’s/streamers who usually stomp their opponents then come up against people who can actually match their skill and then cry “tryhards”

I say it’s a complement

A tryhard is someone who unnecessarily tries too hard in games that don’t call for it. Of course that’s up for debate on what type of games don’t call for it.

It’s taking it too seriously AND above their station…not just taking it seriously.

A team of Golds with matching emblems, with preset tactics that involve camping and hiding and playing with no honour, just because they are desperate to be able to brag to people.

Try hards!

if you are in social most people don’t want to try as hard as they would in ranked when see someone doing one of these things
crouch strafing, hiding behind walls with smg/sr, jumping around wile spamming crouch using an ar or just crouching around all the time I just laugh. idk in social I just want to run around with my pistol and not really care.
peoples problem is the person thinks that they are doing really well but nobody was trying that hard. just go play ranked

The only reason anyone will use this as an insult is the same reason people complain about “mismatches” in the ranked playlists.

because they can’t take losing a match.

People winning 43-12 and still crouching with a PW is a tryhard… Honestly, since COD4 FPS population is the worst kind of players.