The Tenrai Event Needs Work

  1. This event gives MASSIVE fomo, which is in direct opposition you (343) said the game would not want to have.

  2. Fiesta being connected to only this and having it go away alongside the event is very disappointing. Fiesta is my favorite game mode in halo and the fact that I now have to wait for it to come along a very few specific weeks along the year is basically a giant slap to the face.

  3. The event pass is pitiful and has too little in terms of actual unlocks for armor, there’s 6 including the core. It needs less xp stuff and more armor stuff which we all know you want to put into that predatory store of yours.

Solution 1:
Have the gamemode stay and have the event stay. All of it stays just it’s separate and can only be done in fiesta. There’s a separate challenge tab for the event, the battle pass for the event stays in a separate tab, and fiesta stays in the playlist section. Let it all be done at anyone’s pace. I would say it would also be very friendly to new players since they would see the gamemode has more content attached and would be happy to play.

Solution 2: the not as good solution
The event stays as it is but just lasts longer than a week. Make it last a month that way players can at least pace themselves somewhat.

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What bothers me the most is that the event is supposed to be Fiesta based, however your event challenges are buried under the regular weeklies so you are forced to keep switching playlists to finish challenges so you can get the event ones on your active slots.

All challenges should be active at all times not only 3 at a time (4 if you pay) or at least we should be able to decide which challenges to put on our active slots at any given time.