The Tank Gun's removal

I just found out that 343 is removing the Tank gun glitch when Season 2 gets released.

I remember before this, there were many comments on a youtube video I watched a while back about Halo Infinite, and they were saying “the Tank gun should be removed because it breaks the game.”

Now I looked at another Halo video about the decision to remove the Tank gun, and most of the comments are saying “343 isn’t listening to the community.”

It seems as though from my perspective, there is always going to be people who don’t like what 343 is doing. I thought the tank gun’s removal would get mostly praise because I thought most people thought it was too overpowered, but then again that was only one video I saw. I don’t know, what’s the general consensus about this on Halo Waypoint? My opinion is that the tank gun glitch should stay because it’s a fun glitch in the campaign. It doesn’t affect the game in a negative way.


Quite a bit of discussion on that subject in these threads:

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I am surprised it’s being removed. It makes LASO easier, but it also doesn’t make it that much easier. You can still just use Infinite rockets in place of it. Not a big deal really.

Realistically now it’s in, I don’t see the point in removing it. Since it has been discovered, it has been a fan favourite.

Make sure you have a game save that has the gun on your Spartan. If you’re into that sort of thing.