The Tactical Muffin Smashers are recruiting

The Tactical Muffin Smashers are recruiting new members. We are about 60 members deep and growing everyday. Our requirements are you must be +18, have a mic and like to blow things up. Hope to see you out on the battlefield, give’ em hell.

The waffely one despises muffin kind and their inferior gooey innards - none of the crispy deliciousness of a true complete breakfast. Once, harmony existed between us. But one day, the muffins committed a heinous act, an unspeakable change in their composition that twisted them into unfathomable evil - a vile and tasteless husk of their former deliciousity, they had become… Bran.

Your cause is noble, and thus the waffely one will aid in eviscerating these abominable facades til their lightly fluffed blueberry guts littering the battlefield are the only memory of such profound horror.