The Switch

A lot of people among forums, Facebook groups, chats, etc… have been asking the question “What does the community of halo play more, MCC or Halo 5?” Easily if you want to know the answer just try going into a slayer lobby for Halo 5 at 1:00 A.M. then try going into a Slayer Lobby on MCC at 1:00 A.M. You will get your answer fairly quickly. But that isn’t the point of this thread. The point of this thread is why?

One would think Halo 5 being the newest release of the series that it would have more of a player base through out the day, with all of the new skins, and packs you can buy with the cool exciting game modes that they offer us which are more “refreshing” than old content right? Apparently not so.

Recently it was announced that every tournament will be on MCC till further notice, which does give a motive to play the game because they want to follow their favorite streamers and pro players, others just generally like the old style of Halo a lot more. A vast majority also like the competitive skill set up that for example Halo 3 has, the initial True Skill system which we can all agree makes more sense and reasoning then the current system that 343i is using for Halo 5.

Another nature of the game you could look at is the Speed of the newest Halo 5 in comparison to previous titles, it is extremely fast paced compared to say Halo 3 is, even Halo reach, and just a little more fast pace in comparison to Halo 4. Maybe the pace of every match is something that people look into when deciding which Halo game they will pop open for the evening when they play, or maybe i’m just over looking it but as far as I can tell when I’m playing Halo 3 every time that a mistake is made by me, I can identify it and move on with trying to fix it. Halo 5, I don’t feel as much able to do with since the action never stops. That gives me a incentive to play an older Halo over the newest title. For older players and maybe some even younger players it could be very clustering. Regardless hopefully they take majority vote on how the pace of the next title should be based on current players of every title.

The interaction of team fights in every title, it feels that when in a team fight against another team for choke points in Halo 3 are a lot more team orientated in group shooting and positioning, while in Halo 5 you might notice another individual was there at one point with you shooting an opposing guy but you will never get that “feeling” of support, at least in my experiences. Something to look at.

Lastly, actually I don’t have anything else at the moment so feel free to comment what ever you guys think and add to the list of why MCC has more players concurrently then the newest title.

Also add me on xbox, i’m gonna be pushing for my first 50 since I never accomplished it in Halo 3 during its time of being the game. Have a good evening everybody.