The Survivors

Join the multinational squad of Roleplayers known as The Survivors. We are a small unit focusing on fun and lots of trash talking. So far we’re all old Halo vets, but we won’t begrudge younger fans(so long as you aren’t annoying) the chance to join us in our epic quest to nowhere in particular.

Our activities.

GAME NIGHTS; We do customs, matchmaking, co-op, and forge.

ROLE PLAY; We host a role play on Waypoint. PM me for details.

BODY/VOICE ACTING OPPORTUNITIES; Star in our upcoming production, and other machinimas courtesy of halosavior007(Voice of Brass in ROTS).

We hope to meet you soon, we’re always looking for new friends.

The Company Page

Note that we often play with the Halo Archive Community, those with -Yoink!- ears BEWARE!

I am interested are you guys very competive ?

Some of us are, Boss and Myself are the most competitive. The others are pretty laid back.