The survivors season 2

Basically it takes place after the first survivors season i made this one because the other one fell into chaos i will so I have started this one it takes place in the year 2560 one year after the events in the first one
you can out in your bio what happened after the first one

You can only make 3 characters for yourself
No teleporting
no spamming
english only
no out of roleplay conversations

code name:phoenix
armor:ventor primary red secondary white visor white
bio: after the events of the first season he officially took the career of a bounty hunter still searching for the truth of who he used to be because his old memories were erased he still has his UNSC/ONI stealth ship repaired and everything replaced earn his trust and he will trust you

(lets try not to turn this one into chaos k)

Name: Rose
Nickname: Vex
Age: [Classified]
Gender: Female
Class in Training: Spartan II under Service ID Sierra-459
Primary Weapon: BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle
Secondry: M6H Personal Defense Weapon System
Assignment: Last Member of the Spartan II Team Nova Eclipse
Bio: Equipped with the MJOLNIR [GEN2] version of EOD armor, Vex is the last member of her team Nova Eclipse, which was killed off in the Battle for Earth.
Not much info is known about her, and even ONI doesn’t have much info on the gal. She can barely remember her past before the Spartan-II program, and her only treasure of her past is an old baseball from 1986, a museum piece at that right, which her father took from a museum when he was young. Currently, she resides aboard the UNSC Infinity, refusing to leave the UNSC after several demands by the UNSC to head for home.

Name: Zour las

Nickname: the Red Arbiter

race: Elite

age: unknown

Rank: Shipmaster

Gender: Male

Primary weapon: duel energy sword

secondary weapon: plasma pistol

BIo: much is unknown about him but Zour las joined Jul madaamas because he hated human. When Zour find out that his friend Jul fes died in the field, he plan on getting revenge on the human who killed him (although Jul fes died from his wound). He was fighting Spartan name Tin and he lost his arm during fight, his arm was replace with a forerunner arm.

Name: Jason “Black” Halsey
Service #: B-025
Primary Military Specialization: [Classified]
Enlistment Date: [Classified]
Location: [Classified]
Gender: Male
Birthplace: New Alexandria, Reach
Birth Date: May 12, 2532
Performance: [Classified]
Black B-025 is the son of Dr. Cathrine Elizabeth Halsey and was born in New Alexandria on Reach May 12, 2532 and is the younger brother from Lieutenant Commander Miranda Keyes. His father is unknown. With age of 6 he was recruted for the Beta Company of the Spartan III program. Due to the fact that he always wore black coth an armors, he was always called Black, which became his new nickname
Black became a very skilled soldier and is specialized in assault, heavy, midrange and longrange weapons and even became a skilled Falcon, Sabre and Pelican pilot. He lost right arm at the Human-Covenant battle on Earth, which has since been replaced by a robotic prosthetic.
He is a lone wolf and prefers to work allone but is also able to work in a team. Black has a personal A.I. called Seras who has strong feeling for him.
He also carved a skull onto the blue visor of his EVA helmet


[ul][li]Has a personal A.I. called Seras with strong feeling for him.[/li][li]Lost right arm at the Human-Covenant battle on Earth[/li][/ul]**Spartan's choice of equipment:** 
[ul][li]BR55 Service Rifle[/li][li]M395 Designated Marksman Rifle[/li][li]M6C/SOCOM[/li][li]MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/V variant EVA [c] (with carved skull on blue visor)[/li][li]MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Collar[/li][li]MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Sniper variant shoulder[/li][li]MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Tactical/UPGS[/li][li]F-41 Broadsword[/li][li]UNSC Freighter 'Shark-fin', (upgraded with armament, camouflage and a painted shark mouth on it)[/li][/ul]**Some of your Spartans previous engagements:** 
[ul][li]Fall of Reach[/li][li]Battle of Installation 04[/li][li]Battle of Installation 05[/li][li]Battle on Earth[/li][li]Battle of Installation 00[/li][li]Battle on Requiem[/li][/ul]**Current Operation:** [Unknown]
**Notable Relations:** 
[ul][li]Gunnery Sergeant Rebecca "Revy" Halsey (SN: 19905-12050-RH) [wife][/li][li]Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey [mother][/li][li]Miranda Keyes [sister][/li][/ul]**Spartans Personal AI's Name:** Seras
**Date Created:** Februar 24, 2557
**AI Type:** Generated from cloned brain of his wife
**Hologram Color:** depending on her mood she appears in different colors but often she appears in Purple or in Red
**Predetermined Rampancy Failsafe Duration:** 12 Years
**Behavior:** Cooperates with Spartan Jason "Black" Halsey B-025. She is unique under the AI's and has on of the longest predetermined rampancy failsafe duration ever seen. She often has upperback-length hair, usually kept in a ponytail, with short bangs that part at the middle and shoulder-length locks framing the sides of her face, just like B-025's wife and sky blue eyes. She also has most, if not all, of his wife's personality: very competitive, sarcastic, battle hardened, battle hungry, loud, psychotically humored, rude, easily-bored, and extremely ill-tempered. Seras has curiously very strong feelings for him and gets jealous when B-025 works together with another A.I.'s or some female soldiers.

Name: Jackson Trask
ONI note: Spartan X-051 J, Trask’s service record has been relocated it’s own file. (check my profile)
Bio Update: Contact was lost with X-051 after the events on Sanghelios. He has been reported on many occasions engaging Covenant and insurrection forces.
Classification: This Spartan is classified as MIA top priority. He is believed to be carrying a high value asset. ONI agents are ordered to apprehend alive.
Recently Unclassified Data: X-051 is the last surviving member of Spartan team Omega.

Phoenix exits a slipspace portal from another bounty and docks with infinity after one year he hasn’t Seen infinity since he left a year ago or knows where his old friends are and docks
Thinks about what he knows about who he used to be Then picks up familiar signal
says phoenix

“No, sorry… It’s me.” Black appears in the doorway of the Infinity’s armory.

“Long time not seen” Seras speaks trough Black’s helmet speaker to Phoenix.

wakes up from my alarm clock and smashes it into a wall

“Man, I really gotta get a better alarm clock.”

Zour went Jul madam ship year later

Jul: I have a new job for you

Zour: Sir what is it

Jul: You are to killed a Spartan that was brought back to life

Zour: smiles Who

Jul: The one they call “Max” he was brought back to life with a forerunner technology and he escape.

Zour: I will hunt him down, and stop

Jul: not stop, make sure he does not get to the human

(Max come back life when the covenant found his body and use a forerunner technology that bring anything back to life. The reason why is I don’t know :I)

gets out of bed and puts on a tanktop and cargo pants and goes to the armory for some exercise

“Black what have you been up to”
says phoenix as they walk to the armory
episode 1 reunions

[Earth, Undisclosed Location, January, 12, 2560]

“One year later…” I knock back a whisky. “I advise you to stop, you have already ingested 12 ounces of this substance and I detect a serious rise in blood alcohol levels.” I scratch the implant barely hidden by my hairline. “Why does it always itch when you talk?” “It does not. My activity only irritates your body when you have exceeded the maximum level of alcohol you can ingest without experiencing numerous symptoms. These symptoms include…” “Give me a break will ya? I’ve had a long day.” “Of course.”
(Changed from Arcadia because I can’t remember if Arcadia was human controlled at this time in the Halo timeline)

“Not much. Some weird ONI missions… Seras… Can go now? Or do you want to chat with Phoenix? I want to check on Revy if she’s fine on Venezia. I don’t want to lose her.” Black asks Seras, his personal AI.

“Sure… I am passenger anyway… knock knock” Seras answers

“Well I sort of left ONI got my ship repaired and upgraded the cloak and dagger MK2 after my ship was fixed I became a bounty hunter”
says phoenix to black

waves to Black

“Hey Jason. What’s up?”

then there was a knock on the door at the armory and a familiar voice “help”

Then sees vex
“hi vex”
says phoenix hoping she still doesn’t hate him for almost killing black one year ago
(just realized i accidentally put this in recruiting)

Again there was another knock on the door

“Bounty hunter? Really? Wow…” Black said and turns around and walks to Infinity’s hangar bay, stops, turns to Phoenix again and sees Vex besides Phoenix, smiles at her and goes to his upgraded and armed Freighter ‘Shark-fin’, with an painted sharkmouth on it.

pushes Black to a wall and kisses his helmet

“I’ll be in the Armory if you need me, Jason.”

walks into the Armory