The Survival of Halo Infinte MP

I’m going to be completely Honest, I don’t think Halo infinite is going to Survive its full life span.

This is for a multitude of reasons.

  1. The fact that the game overwhelms you with microtransactions. Most pieces of Armor Customisation for both the Yoroi and Mark VII Armour are locked behind a pay wall being the store. The game is built in such a way that it does everything in its power to try and make you use the expensive and faster alternative of spending cash to earn tiers and customisation.

  2. Challenges have the potential to be nigh impossible. This is because there is no feature that let’s you play a certain game mode. E.g. “Win three total control matches”. This can be very hard to do simply due to the fact that you can’t pick only to do total control.

  3. The daily challenge is a complete joke and a pathetic excuse for consistent XP. You need to play 20 games to tier up. Once you have done all of your weekly challenges. You then only have one source of xp and that is 50 xp per match. This is discourages the player to play the game rather than encourage them because of the tedious nature of it.

All around the game is made in such a way to make the player spend more money then time playing the game. The progression system is awfully slow to the point of being a joke, the customisation system is barren and stops player expression. (there are Armour pieces that are unobtainable yet are in the game proving my point that Microsoft and 343 are using Halo’s reputation as a cash grab. You could have easily put these pieces into the Battle Pass yet are completely thrown out of the window to most likely be used to be sold at a ridiculous price)

I may have overexaggerated but my points still stand. It’s not fair to have half of the entire customisation you can acquire be behind a paywall and most likely have been hand picked but the higher ups because they are just the good stuff. You only get a single set of most pieces of armour for Mark VII which goes to show money is the main aim for the game and not us. Which is a complete 180 from what the devs were saying

Feels like EA all over again.