The Subject of Fairness

Look, I first off believe that the cap is dumb.

I see its value in people who are boosting. It should be in place for idle users.

But if you spend 60 dollars on a game (or more) and then don’t get to level up after you’ve been waiting for this game, and take a few days off work to enjoy the game. Then that is UNFAIR.

Also the people who feel all high and mighty for playing just to play. Thats fine, but gives you no right what so ever to tell someone who likes unlocking things while they play that they are selfish immature teenagers.

I for one, would like to gain XP, as many others do. I have been enjoying this game, but a big part of the enjoyment for me is unlocks and getting to check out the new Specializations.

It’s rather asinine of them to limit the online play of people have already spend $60+ on their game and are also paying for Xbox live.

Why would you cut your own online populations, on purpose?

will someone please tell me what the cap is? i played like 6 hours yesterday and never got it…makes me wonder if its there so you guys remember to eat or sleep… :slight_smile:

I eat, I sleep, I take a break every hour or two, go walk. grab a sandwich take my laundry in. I prolly woulda been fine but I tried the double xp thing and thats what made me hit cap. made it to 43 before the cap dropped like an anvil.

I hear its 75,000. Which is nothing for three 5k double xp games and the other parts added in. Really wanted to keep progressing tonite…

sounds like the cap is really effing high then…