The struggle with Halo 5

I’ve been a Halo player/fan since halo 1 and I’d like to say I’m quite good at the multiplayer. Halo 5 I just struggle every day with, my K/d and win streaks are withering away with each match I play. I’m negative all the time, always lose, and either get carried or luck out when I win. I do not like that at all. Is there any advice anyone can give me to help better my gameplay, because I want to love this game, but it’s just discouraging every time. :(. Some people are naturally good at this game, and does not seem to need a lot of practice since it’s been only out for a week. I know practice makes perfect, but I don’t feel I’m getting any better to be honest. And of course I have some things in my head wishing to be changed in this game, but I want to get the hang of this somehow.

Anyone else have this struggle?

I have three letters that will instantly make you a Halo 5 god: S.M.G.