THE STORY OF HALO..why?..what happened?

Ok…I feel as though I’m the kinda guy who even when things look bad…looks for the brightest spots…I have supported 343 ever since Halo CEA came out .I was a little optimistic with how bright it was…but still called it a fair game.This topic is about the newest game and the newest book glasslands (which I haven’t finished reading but im not enjoying it) WARNING SPOILERS…and a mouthfull…only read if you too do not agree with where the story is leading…this is my explanation to why…

When Halo 4 came out I was mind blown. The campaign was great…I admit the game has a lot of flaws but this flaw is the only one i see needs fixing the most…that flaw began when we met the librarian…The cutscene was well made…but when she called master chief the “chosen one”… THAT one line stayed in my head the whole game…I tried to assume it ment different things so I wouldn’t be angry…seeing how when someone is given a title it results into an automatic “win” but showing how vulnerable chief still was…I finished the campaign happily

Then i jumped into spartan ops…loved it…even Palmer is great no idea why people hate her… until episode 8…when that elite got shot in the back in the nick of time…I felt the sudden rush of tension be replaced with dissapointment…The matter was something i could walk away…no big deal

Then episode 9 was the kicker. With Jul the elite…when he screamed for the promeathans to save him…it just pissed me off…Here’s my reason…Look at the books…look at all of them but the “sour” glasslands (which i haven’t finished reading due to annoyance with the author but im forcing my self to finish) in fact I’m angry with glasslands too the elites whole character have changed for the worst…no longer are they brave, fearless warriors (crazy yes,but not cowards)… i feel as though 343 turned Ever creature but humans into looking like ignorant puppets…and made the human race look like we are special and always right…Ignoring the social disorder and how cruel Oni is…a great way to delve in the universe other authors have created… and replaced it all into another bland syfy story that is copied off of millions of others…which confuses me on how I enjoyed Frank Occoners short story from Evolutions…I loved the Mona lisa and head hunter…even the Halo waypoint versions…so why did it lead to this crap?

Another part of the story was the mystery and nostalgia…I loved how the covenant played out through the campaign…they looked amazing…and the Grunts had such fluid motion when moving around…even the Jackals and Elites looked great…but that is for another topic…this one is for how every other creature in Halo is now “thrown under the bus”…i saw this in Halo 3 odst…also…but i could live with it…how the odst’s became overpowered and seemed to make the whole image of a spartan who trained their whole lives not matter since the Spartan 4’s can fight the same way…but other than the book…they NEVER DIE…which gets very repetitive…i see no point to watch action like that…almost like watching a super man movie…he always wins so theirs no point spending your money on it…almost like no point in playing or buying the game any more…like how the terminals take away the mystery of requirum…

When the Librarian gives Halsey a key…the whole mystery and race for the forunner tech is gone…it’s almost like their is no point to continue a story that already has a bland fleshed out ending…i thought they were good at telling stories…what is this!!! thought humans fought the covenant over new forunner tech…what is this?Were going to find the needed weapons in 2 games then kill off the already lacking in character covenant and pretend we never fought a civil war with each other and just maintain peace? while the elites try to copy us because they think we
are better which was never the case in any other novel they always thought how we fought was an abomination or pathetic…tell me what is the ending of halo 6 going to be?..human race siting down in a forunner structure around a campfire singing kumbiya?..I never was into syfy or gaming untile Halo came along…and trust me after i got my first Halo…i played the rest…read most of the books…and trusted 343 to deliver a great captivating story…without throwing out the old…but this…is starting to look like another bland syfy crap that makes me change the tv channel (im talking about other syfy…which i hate)

With regards to the Librarian referring to the Cheif as her ‘Chosen One’ - read the Forerunner trilogy.

Without any spoilers if I can… it will explain how the Forerunners use genetic memory manipulation to almost preprogram events to occur in a certain way - for certain environmental triggers to make people behave in certain ways to lead to the desired outcome of a situation.

What the Librarian is saying here is that the drive toward building the Spartans, the MJOLNIR armour and the very nature of John were elements that the Librarian built in to the gene pool of the human race when she sheltered them from the post-war deprivations and subsequently the halo firing.

I do not consider the above spoilers as she out and out states this in the Halo 4 dialogue and we already know her to be the champion of the human race amongst her kin.

I do agree to red team 4 to an extent, i do think that the image of the covenant being weaker than the humans is very disappointing, specially reading the books and the image of the covenant these books portray. the covenant specially the elite should be strong fearless and a bit of a kamikaze. But then again Jul’m dama seems to be determined to get what he wants and not die before he gets it. so i understand his need to make an exit. but i do think that these Spartans are a bit over powered in the way that they can take out elites so easily and in previous media of the series elites were such fierce warriors. In regards to the rest of the trilogy i hope that the story goes more into the side of humanity, like the chief and what he has gone threw his entire life, the lost of almost all his fellow spartan twos, and what happened to the handful that survived reach, and first strike, i feel that the print media and the games are becoming two different stories.

I for one want to experience a personal story with the chief and the other characters in the universe, the human covenant war lasted decades, billions of lives lost countless worlds destroyed and now only for years after Reach its all fine and dandy, humans are at the top of the food chain really. and Halsey and all the things . i never cried when a character in the game died, but in the books i found myself reading those pages over and over i felt something, i want to feel that in the game, i want the chief to come home and to bring all his baggage with him. i know halo is not a soap opera but we have all become so connected to this man threw everything, i for one think he deserves more we all do so our halo experience can be a truly fulfilling one.

sorry for the long post i kinda got caught up in it.

You know what, Thank you man, Im glade you feel that way and I don’t think you got carried away at all, Though I must admit the books to trail off as a cliff between both the book and the Games, but after I just saw episode 10, I think I’m getting second thoughts…not going spoil it,but Jul does seem to act more like an Elite commander I would read from a book,almost like the Ghost of Onyx one who killed hisd ship master, but yeah i agree with you.

Spoiler…but you already knew,just wrote this for something else but decided to make it a real reply to you
I thought Halo was going to crumble when I saw the UNSC stepping all over the covenant after only 4 years of barely surviving/ and rebuilding from a 25 year war with half a planet left (THE REST GLASSED OR IN CHAOS) and pretending they were fine…but hey episode 10 made me feel better…thought the librarian was gonna hand Halsey the tech, take away the Forunner mystery…we find all the weapons,WIN with ease, and call it a day, with no one important dying…but after episode 10, I think they renewed my faith…we have an awesome story that i have no idea on what is about to happen next
Glasslands is starting to look better, but who am i kidding…it’s terrible, the author messed up Halsey sooo bad,she argues with Mendez and then gets angry at him when she started the argument in the first place. The only interesting parts Are the Ossomi “Fedex” crew(jk) and the Sangeheli…I was hating what she(the author) was doing to the covenant in the beginning…like everyone was sane now because they were now atheist after millions of them died for their 3,000 year old religion and they thought the human race was correct about being devious and killing our own kind…but I later realized that was only Jul’s perspective,and he only wants to fight the way we do by risking everyone but himself…and that his new religious friend wasn’t a total mentalist just because he doesn’t know what do do after he spent his whole life on his belief…at least he’s going through a faze with some character development and not automatically switching because he just want’s to and forget about half his life spent on it(which would take away a good story)…it was taken away from Jul sadly but I haven’t finished reading and hope that it is worth the money, but the game side…
Yeah it’s great again, the book side makes me miss the author Eric, hope he comes out with another and it’s not ruined by Karin(I’m on chapter 12), and other than the bolt shot being the new armor lock 343 is doing great with the game 343 is doing great with the game…I get it it felt to emotional with Cortana and Cheif in my opinion…i believe it was a good ending…but what about all the Spartans he knew and lost? Though i think it was for the people that only knew her from the games so in a way it made sense…but right now i think i said to much for this…so yeah