the story of bungie,halo,343i

hello every one! now before you say “oh look another kid whining about halo 4” no…well kinda but any ways. so me and my friend was playing halo 4 BTB about 1-3 mins later we were getting mad at sticking noobs and the random rockets always showing up then we started talking about how bungie and 343i were “people” and halo was the “dog” and this is how it goes. bungie took care of halo really good didnt give what he wanted yet he was healthy doing good even the top dog in dog show (gaming conventions) even beat the other “top dog” (COD) but when bungie had to move he gave 343i (Roommate) halo since bungie could trust him when bungie moved away halo brought him back to something he did 10 years ago 343i thought thats a good idea so he did it again (halo 2 HD) while 343i was doing that he all so took care of him but halo wanted chocolate (what players want) so 343i gave halo it halo was hyper fun to play with but then he got sick started to slow down he lost to “copying” the other dog then halo was at critacal condition after 5 months of giving halo what he wanted 343i brought him to the vet the vet then say stop giving him chocolate or he will die. so what do you think will happen? (halo 5)

so as you can see its kinda like a story so topic is bungie left halo 343i gave what the players what they wanted then it didnt do so well then some players thought “ok that wasnt such a good idea after all” like custom loadouts and ordnace so what do you think? and does the story make sense (this was all made by memory and this was made 1:015am sorry :P)