the story halo 6 should have

pls upvote this so 343 will see this and I have not thought of an ending so comment and give it one thx. just saying 343 if you use these things in this post pls send me money, a super uber deluxe limited edition copy of halo 6 and an emblem that I can customise with shapes and stuff and pls improve and add more things on to this and have half the missions be with the arbiter. first there is an establishing shot of multiple of the rings being moved by Cortana into slipspace (that will be built on later) and maybe some dialogue by halsey. then it shoves you back into chief, says something to the arbiter and halsey. then the infinity jumps in in and there is still fighting in sunaion so they have to give the pelican there to halsey palmer and Osiris maybe. then 343 can make a battle to get to a pelican and fly back. then once you are on board lasky debriefs you on the situation. because of the incident they have to make random and rapid slipspace jumps. on one of the slipspace jumps it will accidentally take you to UNSC spirit of fire and some teams of Spartans and marines are sent in to investigate. but because of the flood infection form from the comics they get attacked and they send a radio signal that says “we are moving to the stasis chambers, wait is that, oh no this cannot be arrggh” this sends Osiris and blue to investigate. a enemy/game mechanic which I think will be cool is to make when you first encounter a Spartan on board he/she will tell you he is normal but chief tells buck to execute him/her. this shows that he is actually a flood and that you cannot tell until you shoot them also the cross hairs are always green because you are pointing them at a Spartan suit. there will be some that are infected and some not infected. make wether they are infected or not procedurally generated so people do not map it out. make it so you have to make a decision to shoot and the flood will not just shoot you on the spot and some flood killing each other to gain your trust. there will also just be the marines which are obvious. also have the carrier form later and the tanks and the weird spider things. sometimes they will try to be stealthy and sometimes they will be really obvious. when you find the ship’s AI it has suffered from logic plague but does not tell you. it tricks you into feeding a proto gravemind with the food on the ship (the proto gravemind will be made of the soldiers and the crew members. it starts talking to you like the halo 3 one and says stuff like “i am here again” and “you cannot stop me this time” when you approach it the infected will start engaging you but run to it and you will find it and do a running cut scene like in the halo 2 glassing bit where chief is running. once you get on board to infinity using a pelican you jump to slipspace but before you pan away see the engines of the spirit of fire start. then there is a cut scene of Cortana and her Prometheans at earth controlling everything but Cortana saying to one of her AI’s it is almost ready and teleports away. then Cortana sends a tracking signal to the infinity and chief is like “i have not seen that signal for a long time” they go to the location and it is the lesser ark being rebuilt by the builders on the rings she collected. then there is an awesome odst sequence with Osiris and blue and other Spartan fire teams and odst’s being dropped in on the cartographer. although they cannot get it perfectly on and the UNSC have just invented a odst like vehicle drop in things that drops in vehicles so you get a scorpion or different types of warthog and you have to traverse a lot of land and then go inside the cartographer and retrieve the map. then the flood drop jump in and crash into Cortana’s main guardian but some of the ship breaks off and falls onto the ark and the only way to deal with the outbreak is to get mendicant bias from the desert. this is out all the way of nowhere so you fly a hornet, broadsword something like that the player can choose against phaetons and a new jet-ish promethean planes. once you retrieve mendicant bias the chip you keep Cortana in is used to store mendicant. he says something like “you and your group are not like other humans” and chief says “don’t get too comfortable in there you are not staying forever” then you are transported back to the infinity and get to control the giant guns on the infinity to reck guardians and the arbiter jumps in and says "don’t shoot we are here to assist. so then the Osiris, blue and the arbiter with a squad of elites go and find Cortana to find that she has just split herself into 3 parts and all three of them have to find her and they split up. once they get all three and link up I cannot think of an ending comment your ending thx.

They merge her back together, contain her, tell her to stop this madness, and seal her away.