The store system needs to be reworked

hear me out the fact that 343 lowered the price for credits makes me think that they are willing to act on what I see as a flawed and incomplete store system that is holding may armors we cant get in the season pass for “ransom”
for lack of a better word don’t get me wrong I understand they need to get payed but could they also make a free season pass to go along with the paid one because right now its just too much of the same tactics we have seen from games these days and I’m sick of it listen I realize Xbox is making them do it this way but I’m not hear to complain I’m hear to give feedback the way I see it they have 3 options

  1. make the payed for armor some thing that we can win after we level up X amount of times we can get a random pick of 3 paid for armor

2)tie that armor to difficult challenges if we want can do in pvp or pve they can also be tied to an achievement or a mythic medal

3)make it possible to pay with a separate in game currency that is earned through challenges that we accumulate to also pay for armor much like Wireframe’s plat and credits system.

sorry for the lack of punctuation I needed to be some where so I was rushing.