The Store needs to be gutted... temporarily at least

The only items in the store should be Skins, maybe those silly attachments like that spiky mohawk or Cat ears etc. All armors should be unlocked first and foremost via a linear progression system like Reach/Halo5. The Battle passes can be used to provide specific unlockables from previous games. The current BP sort of does this with providing armor from the Noble Team members, but ofcourse not all peices…

However, currently the BP has about half the tiers rewarding xp boosts and challenge swaps. These could have been easily replaced with additional armor from Reach instead of locking them behind this “store”. This could have easily provided players with more items to be unlocked via the BP.

I also found it pretty hilarious how the lvl 30 reward for the Tenrai event is a Seppuku knife while the Katana/Wakizashi was locked behind $15 in the store… the irony isn’t lost there for some of us.

On a more serious note the way customizable items are earned needs to be reworked from scratch:

  1. A Long-term goal via a linear progressions system such as Halo Reach / Halo 5 needs to be laid out as a foundation. This would keep players engaged with the game by providing them with a progression path that they contribute to via the time they spend playing it and rewards them. Then you build on top of that.

  2. Now you add the Battle Passes if you must… Themed Battle Passes like the current one is actually a good way to go about it. Except actually add armor from reach into it instead of locking it behind offensive price tags in the store. Have specific items from the Halo universe in these passes like the Noble Team armors we currently have, but you know, actually give us all the damn armor pieces and not hide them behind the store again…

  3. Here is where you add the store again. This time a proper store that doesn’t lock people out from pursuing armor sets without going bankrupt. In the store the only items that should be here are armor/weapon/vehicle cosmetic skins, non-lore attachments(helmet attachments), Special Effects. Just these items alone will have people buying them.

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Yep. Looking at the store now:
$35 for the weeklies and $15 for the dailies. 7 days a week, 52 weeks - if they had enough content to go at that rate (which, currently they don’t, but eventually they could) , that’s $7280 per year. It’s probably closer to $4k per year, considering there’s like a grand of stuff this season apparently (which I would expect to continue into future seasons).

That’s the cost of the full game. We somehow went from $60 for the full game, and needing to unlock all the armors, to $4k/year for the full game, and needing to buy all the armors. Unreal. Abhorrent.

Fix your -Yoink!- bullcrap, 343i.

The only items in the store and battlepass should be cosmetic items that have not been obtainable in other games. It is bs they are trying to sell back things we unlocked in other games. Use the store to promote cool new outfits like the samurai one not the 3000th piece of reach armor.