The Stone Overseers looking to recruit!

Clan Name: The Stone Overseers

Point of Contact:
— OR —
Message: GunSinner

Mission Objective: To create a new social group in which new players and veterans can help each other in combat. We don’t mind if your are a casual gamer or you don’t play that often (since we under stand that you may have over commitments). We what people to enjoy their time in the spartan company (so don’t be a buzzkill).

Requirements to join:

  • [spoiler]

  • We don’t accept ages 11 or below

  • Have a good sense of humour (but understand when to stop)


  • And a controller (DUH)

  • Preferably a mic (Don’t worry if you don’t have one)


Thank you for reading,
Hope to see you in the battle field!