The state of the magnum

I personally believe the pistol is too powerful. It easily outmatches the AR and this is not how it should be. It should just be a weapon you use when its quicker than reloading.

Lol. Pocket DMR.

To me it’s got to much distance on it. I’ve been dropped across a map by one many times. Up close I could understand it.

It may be slightly OP but I like it and everyone starts with it so at least everyone has a CQB and Distance weapon from the off.
So as not to get caught short by the Snipers and DMRs grabbed by others at the beginning I think they should remain as they are.
For me it is not supposed to be a useless sidearm, like many other games, but a standard issue badass alien dropper! It is a Magnum after all, not simply a pistol!

I find its OP slightly for long range but in CQB its useless.

The Magnum is perfect in its current state.

I don’t like it but not because I feel its overpowered. I simply just find it harder to use compared with the Magnum in Halo 4. I guess it’s getting used to the whole smart-link thing. I am so bad at swatnums its embarrassing.

It’s always been my secondary since CE. Well except for H2. That pistol sucked.

I like it as is

Its good

It is good as it is.

Try using the Magnum against someone who specializes in the DMR.

Your opinion will change. (Mine sure did… )

I don’t like it being able to conpete with rifles with ease. I’d much rather have it be a secondary with reduced damage with BR spawns. If only we could go back to the Halo Reach or Halo 4 magnum.