The State of Speedrunning in Halo: The MCC

As it stands, only 3 out of the 4 Campaigns coming with The Master Chief Collection will be speed-run on a competitive level. Unfortunately, the one which will not, is the main attraction of the bundle, Halo 2.

Halo 2 speed-runs rely heavily on a mechanic called Sword Flying, which takes advantage of a glitch in the game mechanics and lets you travel long distances through the air. (See “Rocket canceling” in the above link for more info. This trick can be done with any weapon but rockets are easiest.)

Sadly, this trick was removed from the game at the same time that many popular button combos were introduced. Due to this, Halo 2 speed-running is done on an un-patched version. Since Halo 2 Anniversary will be shipping as the patched version however, we will be unable to take advantage of the trick in runs, and as such, if we intend to have a competitive time will be required to play the original Xbox version. This would be unfortunate, as the game is looking to be very beautiful.

I know many employees of 343i are fans of speed-running, and some even watched goatrope, the current Legendary WR holder of Halo: CE, run at SGDQ this year. As a fan and runner myself, I can only ask that you look into somehow including this mechanic in the Campaign for H2A either at launch, or in a future patch. The trick itself is somewhat difficult and if only included in the Campaign, would not ruin the experience of anyone playing, and would in-fact improve it for many. Halo 2 Easy is actually the most run category of any Halo game, due largely to how fun the trick is to pull off.

Thanks for your consideration.

True speedrunners who love a certain game to bits won’t let an updated version of the game’s changes get them down. It forces them to find new routes.

Look at Cosmo. He’s an avid Zelda Wind Waker runner. He made use of a glitch to fly across the Great Sea to get from island to island in no time. In the HD release, this glitch was patched, but he found new ways to tackle the game, and it ended up being faster than the original due to a couple of changes to the game.

The removal of a major glitch isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It lets players plan out new routes for the most efficient and fastest time. That’s the fun of speedrunning.

That’s absolutely true for somewhat open world games, but for mostly linear games like Halo 2 its not so simple. If you HAVE to cover the same amount of ground, the tricks which let you speed through it with no resistance or directional changes are a big deal. Sword flying is not present in the PC version of Halo 2, and while some people do run it on PC for the ease of Keyboard and Mouse, the VAST majority play on Xbox simply for the trick.

That said, I doubt the game will sell any fewer copies if it is not included. My main point was just that there would be little if any negative impact on the game for it to be included for everyone, and a large positive impact for a select few.

Honestly, only Halo 3 and 4 would ever have any speed runs done in this collection. Halo CE is essentially PC-only since mouse and keyboard gives a huge advantage and Halo 2 with the sword-flying mechanic as you said.

While I would enjoy sword flying being in the game, I don’t see it as a necessity. Honestly what is the fun for speed runners if it is exactly the same? All the discovery is immediately gone since the best methods of doing everything is already known.

Anyway, I think the real attraction of Halo: MCC is the full series runs. Trying to complete Halo CE through Halo 4 in as little time as possible that is. It would be a little extreme I know, but MCC was never going to replace the originals in terms of individual game runs, but that is the one thing it can offer which is different. I wonder if anyone would ever be able to complete them all on Legendary in under 10 hours? Or even 9 hours?

TMCC isn’t about solo game runs. I want to see the entire collection done in a very short amount of time. I would love to see campaign sword flying/ziplining back, but it will still be fine with or without it. All they have to do is make a new H2A category for the runs. Just like H2V and CE PC should have separate runs.

I agree with II SHABUTIE II, H2A and H2 should be in separate categories for speedruns. Maybe talk to goatrope about it. Sword flying makes a vast difference and if its only available in the pre-patch Xbox version, then it should have its own category. Not sure how the thought process works in the speedrunning community, but it only makes sense.

talking about that monopoli just got the new H2 easy WR by 42 seconds!

The “complete” campaign playlist they’ve mentioned that will be in MCC for playing all 4 campaigns end-to-end should make for some interesting speed runs.

That playlist should allow for full 4 game LASO runs in a single session as well?