The state of Invasion. (Suggested only for Invasion fans)

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As you can guess from the fact that Invasion is the topic, I’m an Invasion enthusiast, in fact, Invasion is my second favorite gametype right next to Slayer.

Let me get something out of the way before I begin, I was not trying to be elitist by saying “Suggested for Invasion fans only”, it was simply a word of caution to those who hate/dislike Invasion to stay clear.

Good, anyway, Invasion as we know it today is exactly as it was on 9-14-10, It’s one of the most if not the most ambitous game types Bungie has tried in the Halo franchise, and (hopefully) to a lot of us it’s amazing, but the fact that Invasion is nearly as it was on the day that Reach launched is a bit of a bummer considering that both map packs consist of maps that are designed for every gametype except for Invasion.

Which is completely understandable, for a map to work with the Invasion gametype, there needs to be tiered weapons, spawning locations, and map layout and availability.

The Negligence

Bungie was wise to dedicate a map from the “Noble map pack” to Invasion, in a lot of opinion circles, “Breakpoint” is seen as the best of the three maps used for this gametype, but even with Breakpoints greatness, there is a dire problem in the map department.

The forgetacular contest

Forgive me if the name of the contest I provided differs from the actual name.

The contest in question had an Invasion map made by a community forger win and was planned on being incorperated like all the other maps that are live and being played as we speak, and yet, no invasion map.

I know that Invasion maps are tricky business, but as far as we know there is ar least one map out there Bungie considered good enough to incorporate into the Invasion playlist, of course we don’t know what happened but answers are indeed needed.

The Invasion slayer issue

In this point of discussion I know there will be a difference of opinion, but I believe that Invasion slayer/skirmish needs to be removed alltogether from the Invasion playlist, the reason?

Slayer is the popular gametype, there are plenty of playlist dedicated to it already…

  1. Team Slayer
  2. Squad Slayer
  3. Team Snipers
  4. SWAT
  5. Premium Slayer

That’s five different locations you can get your Slayer fix, why have an Invasion varient, Spartans vs Elites? Make that an option in the playlist listed above, include two regular slayer options, the Spartan vs Elites option and none of the above.

Problem solved.

There is nothing I hate more than playing a few games of slayer then hopping into the Invasion playlist and then having to play through another slayer game when the playlist is for Invasion, that is just plain lunacy.

I’m completely aware that there are far more variables underneath it all for changes like these to occur but the gametype we all love is extremely malnurited, It’s been nearly a full year and there we are, the few thousand that play at any given time, playing Boneyard, Spire and Breakpoint(assuming you get lucky enough to be paired with people that have the noble map pack).

We play Invasion and play it often because it’s awesome, it such a great feeling invading or defending from an invasion, falling back/pushing up, fighting for the core, planning ways to strategicly take that core right up to the escape vehicle, knowing that the longer the match the more mayhem will errupt, It’s the objective gametype of the decade.

We love us some Invasion, now please we need it fed.

As along with that, we also need a well needed color change. In game it still may be red/blue team, but Phiysically in game it should be green/purple. With the scoreboard would be added UNSC and Covenant to avoid confusion.

Breakpoint is the ONLY map that I even like invasion on, every other map is too easy to stop the offense in the last stage. I don’t understand why they haven’t made more forge maps for invasion, it can be fun but it is heavily dependent on having a good map for it.

> As along with that, we also need a well needed color change. In game it still may be red/blue team, but Phiysically in game it should be green/purple. With the scoreboard would be added UNSC and Covenant to avoid confusion.

I say green and orange.

i think green and purple would work best, and why isnt generators an objective option in reach?

see generator defence in firefight

Faith I’m honestly glad you decided to post this. Invasion is very neglected,and often the Invasion Slayer gametypes are one sided with the Spartans winning perhaps 4 out of 5 encounters. Invasion Slayer needs to be done away with permanently.

I also think Invasion should be longer,and should have more stages/Tiers. Specifically,I loved transporting the bomb to blow up the building in Breakpoint to access the Core. That was great fun escorting the carrier. I think the bomb transport should be added as another main stage to the game.

So,I hope it basically plays out like this

Initial Gaining of area
Bomb transport to fortitfied area
Gain control of Core control panels
Transport Core to pickup

I would love to see that,I would also love to see the elites have more access to stronger weaponry,like Spikers,and a revenant vehicle-only unlocked in perhaps to third stage to prevent speedy bomb transport.

Invasion needs more Revenants.

All Invasion really needs is:

A boost up to 8 players per team.

Community Invasion.

The color change would be nice, but not necessary.

Being able to spawn anywhere on the set spawn points, and being able to spawn on more than just a single teammate.

They’ve been pretty generous with giving other playlists the necessary love and care, especially with Team Slayer, Team Objective, Big Team Battle, and The Arena.

But some of my favorite playlists haven’t gotten their turn for getting enough updates… The Living Dead is extremely boring to me without Community maps and the barricades. Invasion doesn’t even really need any major changes, we just need more maps. Community Invasion could fix that completely!