The state of Infinite

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with infinite right now!

…No, Timmy the whale helmet from the last game?
…Also, where’s all the colours? Something is definitely wrong.

Right now Halo Infinites gameplay is fun fast paced and engaging right off the bat, are you saying that you can graple hook onto tank? …You can try my friend, you can try.

Everything feels like it’s in its right place except for the progression system, level 94 for a helmet I would have unlocked in a silver reckpack in the last game? Oh! But it’s yellow, that means it’s good.

It seems like when the world got greedy it was an excuse for anyone to get greedy, so I don’t blame 343 for wanting to stick their hands in this corporate pizza, because pizza is yummy! I know this because IGN said so.
Later halos multiplayer you used to feel like you were progressing towards a whole thanks giving dinner, in this game! You feel like you’re progressing for a blueberry oat cookie.
I’ll tell you why, they are copy bungee, “what!? 343 IS COPYING BUNGEE!?
And you see my friend, this is the landscape in which all these competitors skinnydip and highfive eachother.

Now folks, let me take you back to a world where 343 made halo Infinite not free to play…
You would have all these colour skins and white wouldn’t cost this month’s electric bill from day one, all this customisation would be free to earn, granded store credit and progression wouldn’t not have gone away but you could also feel like you were earning those…So how do we make it better?

We make Halo feel like it always was but better, insane right?


  • Allow to mix and match any colour combination like the old days.

  • Allow some standard amour to be free off the bat so you can feel yourself day one.

  • make XP not impossible to grind in the battlepass.
    (Think they are doing this.)

-Mix Amour Cores


-Just let me pick my own gamemode.

  • also bring back Sparten Ops (but better) make it a small captain containing the tutorial mission and suit the gameplay of the campaign in a solo or co-op session, just want to say I haven’t played ops Idk what it is exactly just want a storyline with my Sparten.
    (Might do instead of campaign multiplayer)

Now, I know what you’re thinking, how could 343 survive in this landscape? Money matters, of course it does how could I be so greedy as to want the level 94 helmet that looks virtually the same as the standard for free?

Well, you can still earn money and give us some free stuff, credits could work you can outright buy them or you could earn them weekly, what could you spend it on?

You could save all them up and buy the battlepass which has actually the best amour cores and really cool flashy gear or you could just by some amour for the cores you have now?

  • The battlepass is fine as it is have some free stuff but have some stuff locked behind credit, give some amour cores and amour for free however with progression.

  • Allow to mix amour cores however, in a costume amour core! Keep amour cores for ones that you feel specifically fit that style and genre but allow for creative freedom to do whatever.
    (If the bots can do it, so can we x)

  • Allow me to have two colours for my Spartan.

But that’s alot right? Not really, because you can go super in depth with it! What if I want a bit of amour to have a different colour? Credits! What if I want amour damages on my spartan? Credits! What if I wanted fancy patterns and amour shine? Credits!

There’s alot you can do and this way you earn money while making everyone feel unquie…Have some silly things aswell! Like capes/ bandanas, metals you earn in game you can put on your amour and more icons I can plaster on anywhere.
Also allow for Spartans to looks super masculine or feminine, androgynous is cool and all but it’s not a replacement for everything. Thicc Spartans! Why not? … Please make me look like a whale and bring the Timmy helmet back, I want to look like a chubby Timmy spartan!

Gameplay is great, it just needs more modes that you can pick on the fly, this is beta so I assume that you will be able to pick the basics at lunch but we also need more asap, don’t repeat mistakes just because we live in the gaming landscape.

That’s my thoughts, I hope to see change soon! I know this is prelunch so, this is a great start! (:


My problems with the Halo multiplayer are:

1- There is no progression/rank outside of the battle pass. There absolutely needs to be one
2- Some helmets/visors/armor/etc are locked to certain armor cores…that sucks, why? Why cant we mix and match?!
3- Maps & Modes - I think my friends and I got oddball 5 times in a row, 5 TIMES IN A ROW (three of which were on the same map!) in ranked arena.
4- Where is the playlist for more than solo/duo for controller only? If I have a team of 3 or 4 of us playing on xbox…why cant we still be in a controller only playlist?
5- And of course… the battle pass progression…its just…unbearable at times


Agreed, I’m glad I got good feedback and not some angry gamer, the fact that you can’t pick a gamemode or have good customisation is definitely a problem. (:

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I just created a post saying the same thing lol. Hopefully that gets some traction!

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Hopefully mine does aswell. :relieved::ok_hand: