The state of humanity post Halo Infinite

Awe man… I’m currently up to date on the universe and I think I love where the story is going and I hate where the story is going

I’m estimating (accounting for Spartan 4s) there has to be less than 100 Spartans left in the universe including the Master Chief :weary::pensive:

Cortana really set humanity back for real… and with Atriox destroying the Infinity… and the self destruction of the Spartan 4 training base… it’s open season and I just don’t see how humanity can survive

The Earth Government is gone assuming Lord Hood and the high Admiralty killed, Serin Osman is probably the defacto Commander and chief of the UNSC and probably laying low on the UNSC Point of No Return somewhere in the shadows… let’s hope the UNSC Eternity wasn’t scrapped after all

Things are getting grim…. I’m patiently waiting for the next novel “The Rubicon Protocol” but obviously there were major events between the shadows of reach and Infinite… hopefully there’s a book for that too

any other fans care to speculate on what we can expect

I think they launched some sort of simultaneous strike. So at this point I think they have all their planets back but are a lot weaker than during Halo 4.

It’s sky net, they knock out the central core for Cortana and the Warden; this means the Created have nothing to hold everything together.

Iam not expecting any remaining Created, Prometheans or the Warden. The impression I get is that a firm line is being drawn and they have no intentions of reimagining or trying to change peoples minds on it.

Even if Cotana is dead, there are still a lot of rogue AI in the galaxy and a lot of Guardians, the Created are still a threat to humanity and all species. The next Halo Infinite campaign won’t tell about them since it’s on Halo Zeta, but maybe the book will

The multiplayer campaign is set in the main galaxy. That’s the most likely place we’ll get some answers regarding what 343 intends the State of the Galaxy to be going forward. Season 2 trailer in particular.

Which means either:

  1. They continue to be vague and suspicious about it which indicates nothing has changed and Cortana or at least the Created are still in charge.

  2. Things fell apart without Cortana. But still some lingering threat and implications for the wider Galaxy.

  3. Complete 180 retcon. No reference or mention of the Created Uprising. Status quo is back. The UNSC is facing an unstoppable invasion of the Banished who are suddenly a superpower. The UNSC has no issue using Smart AI.

Personally I think it is a coin flip between 2 and 3. Given how Halo Infinite dealt with the subject Iam going to say 3. The only reason it’s addressed at all in Infinite was because of the Weapon; not because they wanted to address the wider implications of Cortanas downfall.