The state of Halo Wars: Sadness

I still remember the day that HaloWars .com was taken offline and the forums were moved here to Waypoint. I remember not thinking HW2 would happen. I remember the morning of August 4th waking up to a YouTube notification that I brushed off as a joke, but thinking “why not check” and realizing it was real. I posted on these forums my hopes for HW2, one of them being longevity-- HW1’s competitive scene had flickered and faded quickly, and that wasn’t something I wanted to see repeated.

Now, the circle is complete. 343 not only left the game in an unbalanced state, leaving it’s fate to Wrensi to meddle with in his free time, but they’ve now shut down the match history and service records. HW1 lasted far longer than this. HaloWars .com stayed up well past Ensemble was put in the ground. It’s so sad to see history repeat itself even though HW2 had all the promise in the world. A big studio backed by 343i, experienced in RTS design, great advertisements, a lot of hype… Just to forget about it in favor of MCC, then moving on to work on Infinite.

For years, I’ve said I’m a Halo Wars fan, not a Halo fan. For all its faults and the way the series has been mishandled ever since its conception, I’ve been a Halo Wars fan since '09. Now that once again it seems we’re entering another dark age, all I can think of is the Spirit of Fire drifting through space while Ensemble’s final message flickers a goodbye. Stephen Rippy’s “Insignificantia” plays and all you’re left with is “END TRANSMISSION…”

What a shame that such an amazing yet overlooked, underappreciated, and utterly mishandled series has to have this sad legacy. What a shame.


What if they make HW3?


I hope after Halo Infinite they make something with Halo Wars or at least acknowledge it in Halo infinite.


I mean, Halo Wars 2 kind of came out of nowhere, I wouldn’t give up hope on a third game at some point. Especially since Age of Empires is back on the rise.


Halo Wars deserves a Steam port, it’ll find some love there and give it more of a community.


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Great enhancement.

But we really want more adjustments and additions.
I really understand.

But is it difficult in terms of the number of players …?
Believe in 343

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Yes! Adding HW2 on steam would help a lot.

Agreed 100%, Wars and Wars 2 are in my top five all time favorites and it’s a crying shame to see it fade. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we needed more content as I believe Wars 2 had a generous and thorough DLC stream. But they could’ve continued support for several years yet.

I remember in 2010 when I saw GameCheat13 using a mod for Halo 3 to play with AI, so I begged my mother for Halo 3 because I thought that it came with the mod, a few weeks later my mother came home with Halo Wars and Halo 3 ODST. I think I spent 3 weeks where all I did was play Halo Wars for hours and hours, mastering the game, learning the best leaders, doing the base trick on deathmatch to get a Scarab at the start. All because of a simple miscommunication. Halo Wars had that impact on me. Its a shame the series is gone now… what a shame.

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I like the game aswell Terminus FF an Skirmish is quite entertaining with a team. I finally beat Halo Wars 2 on legendary. Out of all the Halo games if we were just reading it in a book I’d wager the story would be defaulted to the top 4 with the inclusion of the DLC. Climatic events noted are, the Dark Beach assult, escorting a Scarab, opening the terminus with a Retriever sentinel patrolling,an having 3 Scarabs rushing you as you are being bombarded from all sides with a Condor Super Unit up. The last 2 levels of the legendary campaign were quite exciting. Heroic was tough but on legendary if you don’t have good positioning an multitasking skills you will be corrected… Smashing (all units) followed by signaling a location is definitely a sure fire way to failure… Halo wars 2 comes second only to Halo 2 on legendary in terms of difficulty. I have yet to takeout the Protogravemind on legendary it was definitely exciting on Heroic.

Somebody knows something about stats of HW2? I cannot find it on Halowaypoint right now.

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HW2 stats etc. got taken down when the Waypoint upgrade happened.

Anyone who doubts the potential HW3 return… go read Divine Wind

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I’ve been having a blast with Offline Halo Wars 2. The thing that’s been bumming me out though is its bugginess.

  • Locked leaders, despite purchase
  • Missing Phoenix Logs
  • Reset Progress
  • Crashes
  • And Challenge progress moving from Offline access exclusively to online progression.

I understand keeping a franchise alive is a delicate process. You have to keep the company thriving…and even if you can accomplish that, it’s not always practical to keep things Pixar-perfect. I wish life worked that way.
Thankfully, people like you remember our fondness for the good art that once was.

Heroes never die…
They’re just floating out in space somewhere until someone picks 'em up again.

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Understand everything
The sad thing is that they figured everything out and decided not to repair it.

But I love and continue to support this game

We’re Banished playing this game

HW2 is so good as is, but just imagine if they’d put even half the effort into balancing as they should have, gave us more maps and leaders, and did not just shove it off to the side so fast. Could have been incredible

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I think Halo Infinite is a good sequel. We need more info on Red an Blue team… There’s strategic Boss fights an if you turn on a few skulls many of you will be pleased. Unfortunately I have yet to know what happened to the professor on the ring But the Infinity from H5 is just a memory along with some crashed condors. It could use more weapons. I stuck with the title.

I personally am just getting into Halo Wars and reading your words just fills me with sadness. I’ve been a Halo fan for years, but just never really quite got into Halo Wars until recently. I must say that I regret not getting into it sooner, and I am sad that HW2 has been left in the state that it is in…

Halo Wars 1 and 2 are some of the best games I’ve ever played.

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