The State of Halo Infinite

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My first post was deleted for some reason, and I genuinely don’t know why. I am trying to help this game. I am Truth, the voice of the Covenant!

Before you write this off as someone trying to start conflict, know that I think Halo Infinite is genuinely the best gameplay experience I have had since Halo 3. 343 seems to have truly given their all on this one and after 52 hours of game time I know I will be spending many more hours here. The one glaring issue that stands in direct opposition to this experience is the progression/microtransaction implementation. It has been said to death so I will just say this - it is absolutely atrocious. From someone who does not care much at all about the cosmetic side of Halo, even I am absolutely floored by the complete lack of regard for player expression, the predatory unlock system, and the absence of any truly logical progression.

I do not want to see a game I have been waiting almost half my life for die out due to unbelievably short-sighted monetization decisions and I believe the community needs to act before it’s too late. Whether I am successful in my plea or not, I feel an obligation as a fan from near day one to try and safeguard the future of this franchise via the mobilization of this great community.

My ask is simple - do not play Halo Infinite in any capacity on November 25th, 2021. We need to boldly state to 343 that while we all love this game and the developers, we can not and will not let this system kill this comeback. Feel free to agree or disagree, but know that I am no heretic. I hope you join me and continue our campaign against the progression system!

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