The state of guns in the game

Are the carbine, B.R(eady), and DMR on equal terms. Does any one have a link with stats it would be a real good help.

U forgot light rifle

The Battle Rifle has the fastest kill time of the precision weapons. Although a scoped Lightrifle is faster, using the scope all the time is impractical. But you should remember that the kill times between these weapons are so small that it won’t make the difference between winning and losing every game.

ok so out of all basic precision weapons is in general the hardest to use ?

DMR is easiest and has the longest range. Some say it’s overpowered. I say it’s just right. BR fills the gap, distance-wise, between AR and DMR. Carbine is for people who like to spam bullets. Range is not as good as the DMR. LR is a mystery to me. Some people are pretty good with it, but I have yet to even figure out why it’s in the game. Kill times are close enough with all of them that it’s a non-issue. Unless you’re talking about the BR at relatively close range. Then it wins.

So why are you looking for the one that’s hardest to use? Or do you just want to know so you can avoid it?

Oh, and then there’s this. Don’t know if this is post-buff or pre-.

BR = 5sk = 1.833 seconds
DMR = 5sk = 1.633 seconds
Carbine = 8sk = 1.867 seconds
LR (Unscoped) = 5sk = 1.833 seconds
LR (Scoped) = 4sk = 1.5 seconds

ok well thank you guys for all your post and help towards my research of this i was asking for simply because i wanted the hardest gun to use for practice and i’ve made my decision to go with the Dmr and the Lr which take 5 head shots each un-scoped to get a kill, br takes 4 head shots and carbine takes 7.

In the hands of a skilled player the BR has no match. I’ve begun using other guns like the DMR or Carbine if I’m facing less skilled players just because the BR wrecks them too hard haha. The DMR is definitely second best, I find that with the strong BR you’re better off playing an anchor sort of role with the DMR and avoiding direct 1v1 fights unless at long range where you’ll have the advantage. Light Rifle wrecks at long range, 3 shots to remove shields and then 1 more for headshot OR only 2 body shots to kill. Short range though it’s garbage. Carbine is average, kinda fun to use once in a while.

If you like you can check my Halotracker stats and see that I use all the primary weapons, even the automatics on a fairly regular basis.

The Carbine is really good.

The high rate of fire makes it hard for the person getting hit with it to aim at you and if you miss a shot it’s a lot more forgiving than the BR or DMR which have more time between shots.