The state of Community maps has a reason.

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Let me tell you a quick story about about Cartographer,just to let you know the one who created eden minor.

I’m involved in a lot of custom game nights, where they test new and up community maps. Sometimes with Cartographers. Coming for a more competitve game style I can easily see how maps work.

Anyway to cut a long story short, we were testing one map.(This was the cartographers own). After the game ended he couldn’t take the feedback and booted us.

Seriously, learn to take feedback, perhaps listen to what people say. Maybe if he did that the first time around Eden Minor wouldn’t of gotten into MM.

The entire Cartographer system is corrupt. With these profits of forge saying who’s creations are allowed into Matchmaking, like they know better. Half of the time they actually don’t know better;

1.They never actually play Matchmaking
2.The’re bad.

For Halo 4 the Cartographer system should be binned. Maps should be only in a Community playlist of Hand picked by 343.

The way the leader of the party handled the situation was very immature, and he simply could not take anything other than positive criticism.