The Start of an Xbox Gaming Community

Hello and welcome to yet another thread on finding other players to partner up with. I’ve been seeing all these threads around here about finding members for their clans or others looking to play customs, etc… I myself am looking for the same thing and I’ve made a website to help do just that. At first the website is focusing mainly on Halo but I’m hoping that it’ll branch out as more members join.

I don’t care what age you are, -Yoink!-, race, or what your religion is. All I care about is that you have a passion for Halo and want to find groups to play with like we’re having a big LAN party. This community is basically open to anyone and everyone. (minus the trolls =P) Think of this as a group of people where we can play customs, play matchmaking, spend the long night forging an awesome map, or you are the kind of human being that wants to hunt down achievements. Either way I want you to be apart of this and to help make this become a real thing. The more the merrier as they always say. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. PM me here or on the website.

Regardless if you take a look at all or happen to join or not, I appreciate any and all feedback on this and am open for improvement where needed. Thanks for stopping by. :wink:


Add me. I would like to discuss the community with you!

Guess you left ours before playing with anyone lol.