The sprint thread to end all sprint threads

I’ve seen and read waaaay to many sprint threads complaining how much it doesn’t belong in Halo, how it’s ‘just an illusion’ because the maps are bigger than they used to be and doesn’t actually increase their speed perspective-wize, how not being able to regenerate your shields while sprinting isn’t fair, and a whole TON just saying if just sprint was taken out of H5, the game would be better. STOP MAKING THESE THREADS! 343 put sprint in the game the way it is, and if you don’t like it, don’t use it! Take a mongoose instead! If any sprint complainers haven’t read this thread, and a new sprint thread comes up made to criticize sprint, spread the word: Suck it up! They put it in, and their not taking it out, no matter how many threads you make. What say you?!

P.S. No harsh comments, please.

Tells people to stop making sprint threads by making a sprint thread.


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> Irony.

That’s all.