The Sprint Debate Solution

Now we’ve all seen the 10,000 replies on “The Removal of Sprint” thread, but that’s just filled with fanboys arguing over whether or not we should or shouldn’t have sprint. I’ve said this before, but no one seems to understand;


Think about it! I’d suggest that the core gameplay stays the same, that 343 builds Halo 6 upon the foundation of Halo 5, but only that they create a “classic” styled playlist for multiplayer, where all modern mechanics such as sprint, thrusters, ADS, spartan charge and ground pound are all disabled. That way, people who enjoy Halo the way it is can play regular matches online, and the Bungie-era fans can play the classic playlist, where it’s just bare-bones walking and hip-firing. Really, it’s the best solution, that way everybody gets what they want. It’s annoying hearing about how “before 343 came along, Halo was the king of FPS”, but in reality, Call of Duty stole the crown back in 2003, and lost it with Ghosts in 2013. The “crown of FPS” has been lost to the ages, and it sure as hell wasn’t 343’s fault. Halo 5’s multiplayer was heralded by critics to be the best multiplayer since Halo 2, and some even said it was the best. Halo 5’s game-design and mechanics are what make it such an excellent multiplayer experience for millions of players, so the mechanics are worth keeping, but we can’t ignore the millions of people who want Halo to return to it’s roots. So, instead of erasing the concept of sprint and other modern mechanics, and instead of alienating the Bungie-era fanbase, accommodate both sides of the argument, by keeping both forms of gameplay. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

I believe this below In the sprint thread.
Multiple playlist will just divide the pop. Plus then how are we going to decide what competitive playlist is going to be the standard? Imo the whole sprint thing is just blown out of proportion.

What could go wrong?

I’m fairly certain “Classic” playlists always tank after a short period of time on the previous Halos (correct me if I’m wrong). Also you’ll get a bunch of noise from the peanut gallery that it was done wrong and that their nostalgia is ruined because of it.

Weapon balance and map design would have to be altered significantly to accommodate different movement characteristics. You would also have to take into account movement speed for different projectiles, such as rockets and grenades. This also sounds like it will turn into a BR fest like Halo 2 was. I’m not opposed to it, but its a lot of work for them to put into something I wouldn’t touch

Yeah, we have this thread. Let’s just keep it there.