The Spirits of Fire are looking for new members

Afternoon Waypoint denizens!

This is Apollo Running, one of the leaders of the Spirits of Fire clan. I’ve come to tell you a little bit about our clan and hopefully convince a few of you to come by and check us out.

The Spirits of Fire is a GGN affiliated clan that has been around since 2008, centering around Halo 3. We had very humble beginnings. Our forums used to be based out of your very own bs angel’s Hawty McBloggy forums. After she accepted her position at 343, we moved out and created our own home base here.

SoF is by no means a competitive clan. Instead, we focus on being mature, friendly, sportsmanlike, and community driven individuals. While we do still participate in friendly challenges now and then when we can field a team, winning is by no means anything we are concerned with. Our focus is to just have fun with our friends and clan mates. We mainly play Halo Reach these days, but we also venture into other battlefields such as MW3 and BF3.

Recently we have been experiencing a drop in member activity for various reasons. Some members are in the point in their lives where they have just finished their degrees and/or are seeking to further their careers, meaning they cannot commit enough time to remain active in a gaming clan. The SoF Golden Rule is and always will be “Life before gaming”. Others have naturally moved on to other gaming endeavors and have left with our blessing.

Our recruitment office has been silent for too long; we are looking for new faces and fresh blood to fill out our roster. As you may or may not know, a few of your lovely Community Leaders have been members of SoF for quite some time: ElusiveEagle, Das Kalk, Kalamari, mendicantbias, DeepCee, and yes even the always fabulous bs angel, even though her status is inactive due to her necessary duties at 343.

If SoF seems like a community you would like to be a part of, please visit us on our forums and submit an application to join. We do have an age limit of 18, but we are always willing to make an exception as your maturity will ultimately be the deciding factor. I hope to see some of you there, thanks for reading!


We have a game night coming up on the 3rd of March at around 9pm EST. The Spirits will be making a foray into Reach.

If you’d like to play, send a message to either Apollo Running,rowboat 000 or DeepCee.
Come on and join in on the fun in our forums.

We have no prerequisites for joining. Just be a good sport and have fun.

Looking forward to seeing you guys there :slight_smile: