The spawning in this game is atrocious

I’m not exactly one for rants. But this has slowly been eating away at my patience since launch. And perhaps this may seem harsh, but I’m pretty disgruntled right now. This has also been a pretty well established opinion for awhile. But at first, I just called it to bad luck. Problem is, this happens frequently. For example, you die, choose a decent REQ to spawn at the spire, but nah. The game decides to spawn you right next to the friggin’ enemy base as they begin their assault, so I basically spawn in the middle of three people… Fuel rod or not, that’s not a fight I’ll win. Or the average player in fact. Or perhaps you’re base is being attacked so you decide to spawn at the base to provide a counter-attack only to be spawned in the middle of nowhere about thirty second jog away from the base.

And it’s not just Warzone (WHY CAN’T WE PICK SPAWNS IN WARZONE ASSAULT, 343i? Array is a death tunnel for the attackers!)
but other modes like Swat also suffer from issues. I’ve never played a Halo game that consistently spawned me into the bullets of my enemy. Especially on Plaza. It’s almost like as if they want me to lose…

But then. The epitome of completely asinine spawns happened to me earlier today. Ever spawn right next to a cliff facing towards the edge? 'Cause I did…

Swat is the worst. I’ve been on both ends, dying two or three times immediately after i respawn and taking advantages of enemies that just keep popping up at the end of the alley i’m looking down.

Agree with you on array too. Too easy to keep them bottle up in that beginning spawn. Seems like they don’t start to spawn them in the side cave til later on in that first attack.

Something needs to be done.