The Spartans vs Elites slayer gametype from the beta

If you guys remember the Reach beta had a gametype that was team slayer, except one team spawned as elites. It was called Spartans vs Elites and bungie added it about halfway through the beta to balance the differences between the elites and spartans. Does anyone know if there is anyway to make this gametype in custom games? As far as I can tell you can only edit the settings of team slayer and elite slayer but there is no way to mix them so that one team is elites and the other are spartans. Anyone have any ideas? Is there any way to do this?

I don’t even know how to allow Elites in slayer :confused:

I think by default Elites are allowed in custom games.

I don’t know how to LOCK them out.

My point is that when you go into custom games you have to choose a gametype first before you can edit its settings. There is a slayer gametype with no option to make one team elites. Everyone is spartans in this gametype and you can’t really change it. And then there is Elite Slayer, where everyone is elites with no option to make one team spartans. I think maybe you just can’t make the gametype that was in the beta.

Well, you can, everyone playing though has to volunteer to go to that race/team color.

It smells, I know, I wanted to do Spartan vs. Elite CTF, and that was the only option there is.

If I were you I’d look at the Invasion settings and see if you can use some settings form that. Perhaps using Invasion for one round would be best?

hmm, I was trying to do this without invasion settings, but you just gave me an idea, thank you!

Yeah, I thought of doing invasion slayer and putting the hill points off the map so it would just be slayer, but I didn’t want to have to forge a new version of every map I want to play it on.

Download Invasion Slayer from the invasion hopper its Spartans Vs Elites. There is Also SvE skirmish(spartan vs Elite)

All skirmish gametypes still have capture zones like invasion slayer though don’t they? I want the straight up slayer gametype that was in the beta. It was called SVE Slayer and was exactly like team slayer except red team spawned as elites.

Yea but maybe you can remove it in the game options.

I’ve tried. The only way to remove it is in forge.