The spartan training center

I would like to introduce to you the H4 SPARTAN TRAINING CENTER.

Who is this spartan training center for?

  • Those who wish to reach level 50. Quickly and effortlessly.
  • Those who want to go on and be good enough to join serious teams.

Why am I doing this for free?
Because I want to pass on my halo knowledge before I retire. I have a unique style that really
can cripple teams due to a high level of individual spartan ability.

Kills: 18,123
Deaths: 7,023
Level in matchmaking: 50.
Actual rank: 62

This K/D was reached by playing by myself and not having a team by my side. This meant a lot of 4 v 1 scenarios when my team
quit out. Over time I began to build up a lot of skill to take on multiple spartan opponents and adapt my game to even win when
there was nobody but noobs on my team.

At this time I am only looking for two apprentices. I will not take on just any body. I am looking for a certain spark. This is a great opportunity
for beginners and intermediates.

If you wish to join, write 10 lines why you would like to join the halo training center and become an apprentice.