The Spartan Project/Lookin for Clan battles

Hello i am the Spartan II CO for My clan and i am recruiting for the Marine IF you want to become an ODST you must join the marines for at least one month. Also the Navy is open to all. If you were an ex member you are not allowed back in. The Spartan II Branch is currently closed. We closed down our SIII branch and SIV branch for those who didn’t know.

You can contact these people for Marines
Lt T Murphy / /Commando Ozone

For Navy you can contact these people:
LTGJ Fred 104

Once you contact them they will give you a link to our site

Um…I’m interested in joining, but is this a group, clan, or for a machinima? Also out of respect for the Spartans that you listed;

THEY should NOT be used as call-signs or titles for us regular people. They are either RESPECTFULLY MIA, or LEFT ALONE similar to sport teams who DON’T USE NUMBERS OF THOSE WHO MADE THEIR NUMBERS LEGENDS.

As for joining… yeah I’m still interested in joining, On the condition that I don’t obtain a Spartan title. Again out of respect for them.

P.S. Who’s Halsey in this case?

We don’t have a Hasley :confused: but yeah i’ll invite you next time we have a training session
EDIT: It’s a group

We don’t have to have the Gamer tag to be Spartans but better for us to have them then staying in a silver account for who knows when.

I really love the Halo story so this sounds very iinteresting.Only problem is that it is on Halo Reach.I mainly do Halo 4.BTW is a Skype required ?


Um I just realized about the Skype thing as well, and I don’t have one. But do you also use Google Chat (or whatever it’s called)?

Also I’m really into Halo 4 as well, but I only go on Halo Reach for the following:

  1. I’m a body actor for a friend (ALFonzy1013 : Director of TSS a.k.a. TheShotgunStudios, most noted for “The Light” series), and I’m a rookie director so I usually mess around to figure out what kind of video I’m going to do.

  2. I usually mess around with old maps, and find old map makers who can make maps in Halo 4.

Well I wouldtry out but I dont have skype.

Checked with 117 he said not needed but preferred but it’s not needed he may create a site during the summer any other questions.

> Checked with 117 he said not needed but preferred but it’s not needed he may create a site during the summer any other questions.

So I dont need skype?

The answer is no

My clan HB would like a alliance.

Okay then speak to me and the others tomorrow

I will join

I’m intersted in Becoming a Spartan II.

Any one who is interested please add me for more info

The SII are also looking for good SIII conscripts

Now what’s the difference between a Spartan-II and Spartan-III conscript?

Now I don’t need a history of a Spartan-III, because I have Halo:Ghosts of Onyx.

> Hello my Gamer tag is Anton 044 and i am in a group called Spartan Blue team or Just blue team and we are looking for more conscripts to train with us so far a few people tried to join and failed their first day (Not kidding) We only have one conscript that made it past Day 1

Makes me wonder what the frak you’re putting them through…

It’s not that hard people just want to skip training and become a spartan

Sorry guys but due to certain people we will have to ask a few questions before bootcamp