The Spartan Force!

Have you guys ever gotten on Halo and found yourself lacking teammates to play with? Found that you didn’t have any friends that were interested in playing Halo, just Call of Duty? Well look no further, because if you read on, I’m gonna talk about this awesome community that I’m part of: The Spartan Force.

TSF is a small community that is slowly expanding that is full of ambitious Halo gamers. What kind of gamer are you? Are you the MLG player that calls out every kill and plays to win it all? Or are you the player who enjoys playing Living Dead and lots of custom games? Or are you both? TSF has it all. Some great things about The Spartan Force:

-Multi-Kill Monday: Every Monday, our multimedia crew puts together clips from all the members and puts it into a montage. On a scale of one to epic, I’d definately give it a DOUBLE epic. Yeah, I went there.

-The -Yoink!-: To all the dirty minded people out there, the -Yoink!- is a competitive tourney that we have every Thursday, a 15 minute FFA match that goes on until the clock stikes 0. Winner gets a medal that goes on they’re profile.

-Game Night Friday: Game Night! I personally love going to it every Friday. Game night is when everybody gets together and plays a bunch of custom games, and just chill out from being totally epic in matchmaking. For the new members, it definately is the best way to meet new people.

-Halo 3 Saturdays: Ever wish you could go back to the Halo 3 days with a couple of friends for a day? Well were bringing that back. Every Saturday, everybody plays Halo 3 and partys. We do it big.

Don’t wait! Check out the website now!
Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Not to be a dud, on your incredibly awesome forum post, but you may have left out a few minor details. One big detail would be our SUMMER DOUBLES TOURNAMENT. Bring a friend, and sign up in twos because this tournament is going to be a bloodbath. I can honestly vouch for TSF and say that we have some stiff competition already signed up for this tournament. There are going to be a ton of tight games, and there are also going to be teams that get absolutely annihilated. If you have any skill, well if you think you’re good give it a shot. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, though. This will be no cake walk. I would suggest teams sign up immediately. The tournament is this weekend. Friday and Saturday June 1st and 2nd. Register to the site, and if you’re so kind, please fill out the quick survey. Not required, but absolutely recommended.

Drunk On Halo podcast. Each and every Friday night after a few drinks, and a relaxing but chaotic GameNight we sit down together and talk about Halo updates, news and rumors as well as TSF happenings. It’s laid back, and we do rib each other quite a bit Hey, it makes for an entertaining show. I’m your host, and I’ll most likely be too drunk to tell how many fingers Gunner is holding up. Battleshots anyone?

See you on the battlefield, ladies.