The Spartan Company gone and no more?

I remember the Spartan Company back in 2016 where I joined a huge community to earn the Achilles armors. Is that now gone? I took a 3-4 year hiatus from Halo series in 2018 and returned when Halo: Infinite came out. What happened to the Spartan Company?

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They’ve been discontinued from Waypoint

if I recall correctly you can still progress with the company you’re in, you just can’t view commendation progress, or join a new company.


I see. Well luckily I got all my Achilles armor parts before I parted ways with all companies.

They removed the function from Waypoint, likely because they didn’t have enough time to develop it for the new site.

As mentioned in this thread - they still exist, and the rewards will still be earned, there is just no more user facing way to see your progress - nor is there any way to manage rosters. You can still SEE your roster in-game though.

I made another thread about this as well, not sure hot to link it.

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Does this mean Achilles Armor is impossible to get?

It is only possible to get if you were already a member of a Spartan Company before the removal of the Spartan Company support from waypoint. If your company has not yet unlocked the armor it still can. You just can’t see your progress on the kill commendations on waypoint anymore so you are flying blind.

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