The Space Marine Corps is now recruiting.

We are the Space Marine Corps, a serious, military-based clan that puts emphasis on dedication. I am General Devil Dog and I’m here to begin recruiting new men for the cause.

Here at the SMC, we have a lot in store. You start off as a recruit. You begin rising up the ranks after you pass basic training. After 2 weeks of dedicated service, you are then eligible to sign up in one of our three elite Special Operations units if you feel you’re up to the test.

When you enlist in the SMC, not only are you just joining a clan, but creating a bond between the fellow Marines in the clan. We’re a family. We stick to the cause and we have each other’s backs. We are the Space Marine Corps.

Here are the main Space Marines you need to get ahold of when you join:

Shinigami71191 “Reaper” - Commandant of the Marine Corps; Commander of the Roughnecks Spec Ops unit
DonnyDoo22(soon to be DevilxDogx2014) “Devil Dog” - General; Commander of the Commandos Spec Ops unit
RWHarrod51 “Harrod” - Lieutenant General; Commander of the Shock Troopers Spec Ops unit
HoundOfActaeon “Hound” - 1st Lieutenant

Here’s the link to the clan website. Feel free to look around. When you sign up, one of us will confirm your account and you then proceed to make an introduction thread under “Introduction” to tell us who you are and an enlistment thread under “Enlistment” to officially enlist and be considered for basic training.

See you on the front lines, Marines. AXIOS!