---The Sovereign Guard---

Greetings Halo 4 and Halo Reach players! I have come to offer those players who are of a higher caliber acceptance into the Sovereign Guard.

The Sovereign Guard is a prestigious all Elite Clan, formed in late 2004. The Guard was made as a safe haven for all players that wish to win in an organized environment with like minded competitive people.

What We Offer:

*Regular Matchmaking Sessions including: Big Team Battle, Custom Games, and other matchmaking gametypes.

*A Professional website accurately depicting our clan and clan information

*Intuitive Covenant Themed Ranking system.

*High level respectable members

*A Command Structure

*Clan Matches and Clan Events

To join the Sovereign Guard and correctly meld into our ranks you must meet the following requirements.

Clan Requirements:

*Must have a Competitive K/D achieved of at least 1.25 in any Competitive Matchmaking playlist

*Must be Fourteen years of age or older.

*Must agree to follow a command structure. Orders are given by officers before and during matches.

*Must be able to learn and practice call outs during matches.

If you are interested in joining the Sovereign Guard or have any questions. Comment below here or you can contact me on Xbox Live.

To fully appreciate our site you must register. If you choose not to register and just want to take a look around that’s fine to but only basic information is shown without a member account. If you do decided to register please add your gamertag when prompted in registration or I will assume you are a bot sadly. We are currently updating our site theme so please bear with us.

Sovereign Guard

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