The Sovereign Guard - 6 years strong

// Begin decryption… DONE!
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Opening message… COMPLETE!

Greetings, I am Fleet Commander Hrno 'Vadum (GT: Boba Mandalore) of the Sovereign Guard and I send this message out to all Sangheili warriors. We are seeking new recruits to join our ranks. The following is a brief description of who we are and what we stand for.

–About Us–
The Sovereign Guard is a Sangheili (Elite) clan that was created as a sanctuary for Elite players since the Halo 2 era. We are in favor of playing as Elite models and a majority of our clan foundation is based on Elite ideas, such as our ranking system, code, etc. We have outlasted and overcome many clans since our beginning, and continue to be a force in the Halo Community.

–What We Offer–

  • Clan Matches/ Events
  • A ranking system which encourages competition and growth in your skill
  • Structure
  • A private website with forums, clan information, etc.
  • Matchmaking sessions held regularly

In order to ensure the quality of our members, we ask only a few things:

  • Must be at least 15 years of age*
  • Have a K/D greater than 1.0 (above 1.2 preferred)
  • Have a mic, or be in the process of acquiring one
  • Must be able to learn callouts and follow basic orders in Matchmaking
    *May be negotiable.

–Clan Matches–
The Sovereign Guard is always seeking friendly and competitive clan matches. If you are interested in having a clan match, please feel free to contact the Imperial Admiral Emperor Cololee.

–Contact Information–
If you are interested in joining, or just have a question, feel free to contact myself or one of the following:


  • Emperor Cololee
  • Knightt of One
  • Knightt of Zero
  • Shes a Reb3l
  • Or myself, Boba Mandalore.